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Changes: We’re making our JUG sponsorship program more impactful


To all Java User Groups big and small, we’ve got some good news and some bad news. Which do you want first, the bad? Ok here it is: our famous [yet ill-used] JUG sponsorship program, which began in 2009 and donates two, 1-year JRebel Enterprise licenses to winners each month, is going the way of the dodo. That is to say, being extinguished so that it is extinct and no longer alive…ok, we think you get it. As of December 9th, 2013, the JRebel license giveaway will cease.


But wait! There is some good news too: we are changing the way we support Java User Groups, to a method that we think benefits JUGs even more.

Why we are changing our sponsorship program for JUGs

But other companies give free software to JUGs! Why would we do something like cancel our free JRebel license giveaway program? Here are some quick reasons:

  • Lack of interest from JUGs – It turns out that JUGs mainly didn’t care about our program. In fact, 95% of the JUGs we sponsored were completely inactive(!) with our giveaway offer. It sucks when you need to constantly remind someone to use the free stuff you’re giving them. It also reduces the perceived value of JRebel, which was over $700 in giveaways each month for every JUG we sponsor.
  • Lack of resources from us – It would be awesome to be a company large enough to employ an engineer in a “JUG Community Leader” position, but aside from Simon Maple, our ever-traveling technical evangelist, ZeroTurnaround is a super lean company without many resources to spare. With offices all over the world and a constantly expanding team, it’s difficult to find the dev hours in the day to dedicate to community outreach. It’s a shame in a way, but it’s reality, for better or worse!
  • Uh, don’t we already have a free version of JRebel for devs to use? – Yep! Don’t forget, for non-commercial projects, you get for free, while for commercial projects, you’ll have to convince your boss to help you out for just a dollar a day.

We believe that we have something better than unused and forgotten JRebel sponsorship pages, and if we’ve got to change it, then let’s make it better right? What we’ve got in store for JUGs and other community groups intends to give more benefits to far more than just 2 people each month. We’re launching a new campaign called the Great JUG Giveaway which will give Java User Groups the chance to win cash that they can spend on things that their community need helping the community as a whole. So look out for the new campaign which we will be launching very soon!

Final words…

We encourage you to make use of myJRebel for your non-commercial projects (e.g. OSS, hobby, student projects). However, your companies are asked to pay for a license of JRebel, which costs $1 per day per developer. They might be spending more on your coffee allowance.

We hope you don’t think this is a cop out. We’re a creative bunch over here at ZeroTurnaround, so we want to do cool things that benefit everyone and are looking forward to announcing our new Great JUG Giveaway campaign soon!