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Breaking 2014 down and looking forward to an incredible 2015!

The year is coming to an end, winter holidays are largely over and it’s a good time to relax, look back, and reflect on the journey we had and clear our thoughts for an exciting 2015.

In a sense, we didn’t move mountains, create fascinating programming languages, or land anything on any comets. But we tried our best to consistently deliver great content for you both in forms of the usual blog posts, discussing both timely things like moving on to Java 8, fundamentals of computer science and software engineering like lambda calculi, estimating tasks and fighting legacy code rot in your projects, and our beautiful, hand-crafted pdf reports, which are often better than surprisingly awesome things.

If you want hard data, here is a very short summary:

  • 8 reports
  • 93 blogposts
  • 2 interviews
  • 3 surveys
  • 26 authors

I want to thank everyone who contributed to RebelLabs, who read our posts, downloaded the reports, engaged in discussions and shared them in their social networks.

I also want to sincerely thank you, RebelLabs authors. Without authors who worked really hard at creating the content, who poured their ideas and knowledge on the paper… hm, typed all those words, character by character into the blog, RebelLabs would not be the same. Dear reader, check out these great people, find them on Twitter, talk to them. They are smart and good both with technology and words!

The list above features people who contributed to RebelLabs, but are not working for our sponsor, ZeroTurnaround. Dear ZeroTurnaround colleagues, I don’t want to belittle your contribution, you know you’re awesome, too! Thank you, Anton, Geert, Simon, Erkki, Michael, Sigmar, Jevgeni, Alex, Toomas and others. Above all, thank you, Oliver, for steering RebelLabs and allowing it to grow into what it has become, a true platform for thoughts and technology related advice.

Thank you Ryan and Ladi, without your creative input and countless hours you poured into the reports, RebelLabs wouldn’t be the same!

Writing is a very rewarding process, which is beneficial to everyone. Especially for the author. So if you have a technology or Java related topic that burns your heart and you’re looking for a platform that can support you in sharing your thoughts with the community, ping me. I’d be happy to help so that next year your name will also be in the RebelLabs authors list.

A selection of the best posts

Now let’s dig deeper into what posts were the most popular in 2014.

Not surprisingly, Java web frameworks was the most active topic with these 3 posts being the most popular:

Java 8 release made an obvious impact on the choice of topics to read, so these posts got their share of love and comments:

And of course the never ending war on which IDE is better or how to organise continuous integration server in the best way didn’t stop in 2014 either.

And, naturally, there was our most proud report of the year, the Java Tools and Technology Landscape. While the landscape can be summarized in one large image, it is the analysis of the data that makes this report the ultimate resource for picking the right Java stack for your projects.



Have a great New Year’s eve, get enough rest to kickstart the 2015 with extreme levels of energy, and welcome back in the 2015!

Read books, read blogs, write great software, create amazing documentation, and, of course, happy coding!

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