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AST Transformations: Groovy’s Best Kept Secret [GeekOut 2013 video]

Straight from the GeekOut 2013 video archive, we’re excited to show you “AST Transformations: Groovy’s Best Kept Secret” by Andres Almiray, a Java/Groovy developer and Java Champion, with more than 13 years of experience in software design and development.

Talk Abstract

Compilers are powerful tools, they pretty much translate your thoughts into machine code. Extensible compilers are even more powerful. It turns out that the Groovy compiler can be extended by means of AST transformations. Come learn why and how popular Groovy projects like Grails, Griffon and Spock, have reached out to AST transformations and AST manipulation to boost their success. In this talk we’ll dive deep into compiler specifics, by all means bring your laptop if you’d like to hack along.

What did Andres think of GeekOut?

“What happens at GeekOut blows your mind! GeekOut stands out from other Java related conferences as it’s an event organized by developers for developers. Huh? Haven’t we heard this before? Sure there were talented speakers and vendors alike however there’s a key distinction: all speakers and vendors were hand picked by the GeekOut organizing committee. Vendors were required to send engineers instead of sales representatives. This meant zero sales pitches and a high level of technical questions and feedback being exchanged between attendees and vendors. Some even hacked code side by side! Another thing I noticed later was the background music being played thru out the conference. A very nice selection of easy listening tunes that didn’t distract too much yet made you pause for a moment and enjoy the vibe.”