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Arquillian Meets JRebel: Lightning Fast Integration Testing

ZeroTurnaround and Red Hat’s JBoss teams have been spending a lot of time working to make Java faster, more efficient and more community-based. We already support the JBoss Forge team with free JRebel OSS licenses, and now we see that the JBoss Arquillian team has started to see the real value in cutting out redeploys in development using JRebel.

JBoss Arquillian is an awesome tool for integration testing of enterprise Java applications brought by JBoss folks to the community. It enables real in-container testing with no mocks, and writing the tests is made very simple, just like if you would write ordinary unit tests.

Even though Arquillian improved integration testing experience a lot, it still deploys the test suite to a container, and doing that repeatedly leads to the problem that JRebel fights against, avoiding restarts and redeploys. With the brand new JRebel extension for Arquillian the tests are deployed only at the first execution, and for the repetitive runs JRebel kicks in and updates the test and application code in the running container.

Arquillian 1.0.0. final was released just recently and some splendid news were announced last week: a special JRebel extension was added to Arquillian project.

Source code is available at Github:
And you can track the progress in the dedicated JIRA:

P.S. Arquillian guys: if you need any more free JRebel licenses, write to

  • This extension is a great combination because it aligns the goals of both projects–to give Java developers a radically agile development environment. While this has been possible for a long time with unit tests, integration and functional tests have been ridiculously cumbersome and slow in comparison. With this release of this extension, we may see integration and functional tests become the fastest turnaround in Java development.

    I’m really interested to see how this can improve functional testing (Selenium, WebDriver, Drone, etc). Functional testing is a real pain point for QA developers and is perhaps a new frontier for JRebel. We’ll see how it plays out.

  • Very true – I can say without giving away too much info that ZeroTurnaround is actively concerned with the challenges facing QA environments as well as DevOps folks. We’ll see if something comes out of it ;-)