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Announcing the Early Access of JRebel for Android: Live Android Development

If you’re an android developer, you’ll be all too familiar with the dull and boring loop you endure every day — code-install-build-run-code-install-builzzzzzzzzz! But it doesn’t have to be this way!. Hopefully you have already heard by now that JRebel for Android enables you to see your code changes instantly. Now that’s what we call live Android development! You know, without the install, build or run stages!

Try JRebel for Android

After an exciting beta program with tons of information gathered over the last 5 months, we are really excited to announce the early access version of JRebel for Android. You can now upgrade to the latest version, get a free 21 day trial and buy the product at a discounted price for a limited time. Try it now!

To make JRebel for Android suit all Android developers, we have three packages that are tailored to different developers; individual, business and ultimate license offerings.

  • Individual license: This license is for independent developers. You reload code and resource changes while preserving the application state.
  • Business license: Got applications that requires debugger, multidex or JNI linking support in addition to the code and resource reloading? The business license is for you.
  • Ultimate license: If you’re an Android development ninja and need support for developing on multiple devices at once, let us know and we will get you access to the ultimate license. Send us an email at

Additional information about the packages, including pricing, is available here.

Want to know more about JRebel for Android?

If this is the first time you’re hearing about JRebel for Android, no problem, let me explain what it does. JRebel for Android allows you to develop your Android applications in real-time. And I mean proper real-time. i.e. the changes you make are automatically applied to your running application. JRebel for Android reloads code changes, adding them to your live running application skipping the build, install and run steps. You can make code or resource file changes and see the changes instantly. All this without changing the state of the running application! Oh! Did I mention how easy it is to configure JRebel for Android? You pretty much need no configuration, just install the plugin and you’re all set.

So, ready for live Android development? Start your free 21 day trial today!

We’d also love to hear what you think of JRebel for Android, either send us an email at or leave a comment below.

Start your free 21 day JRebel for Android trial!

  • Zmitry Oakerc

    JRebel for Android has been saving me a lot of time,I will purchase it if the product is stable!