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A Small Open Source Library to Kill Processes

ZT Process killer post top image

Every now and then we release some small libraries as open source to help developers out there with everyday tasks when building their own products.

Some years ago we released the Zip processing library zt-zip that provides an easy and fluent API to handle small and large Zip archives. It has had enough interest that there is real usage out there in the wild and it also brought in contributions.

Some time later we released a library to execute external commands from Java layer – we called it zt-exec. It has nice features like handling IO streams of the subprocess, waiting callbacks and others. Again it is used in the wild and has brought in contributors and is making people happy.

Some weeks ago we got questions about how to kill processes reliably from Java and instead of explaining this in detail we thought why not release the library that we use internally out into the interwebs.

So without further ado let me present to you the ZT Process Killer. It is available on GitHub with the APL 2.0 license and also as an artifact on Maven Central.

The motivation behind this is that killing processes and querying their life status from Java on multiple platforms isn’t that easy. We required that functionality internally for building our products and we’ve built a library to handle just that.

So go check out the examples at ZT Process Killer page and use it in your software! If you have any feedback or feature requests, Github issues is the official issue tracker for ZT Process Killer. And if you want to get you hands dirty with the code send us a pull request.