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A Java 8 Guide to Enterprise Big Data Cloud Scalability using DevOps & Continuous Delivery as a Service (EBDCSDOCDaaS)


Did you know that in 1981, Estonians decided that their daily lives were a bit too bereft of humor and thus decreed that the 1st day of all months in the year was to be a day of jokes, sarcasm and fun. This is a total fabrication brought on by too many coffees this morning, but if it was true then I’d be wishing you an August Fool’s Day right now!

So in celebration of August Fool’s Day, we took every misused, little-understood technology buzzword out there and made a joke blog post out of them. Now that you see we can tell the difference between funny stuff and serious stuff, you should know that we make developer tools that are dead serious about making your coding life better. It’s up to you to decide if you’d like to improve the speed at which you write quality code, and whether these tools are right for you. We’re just spreading the word:

JRebel – say goodbye to constant time-wasting app server restarts
XRebel – look into the future by spotting production issues while you code
LiveRebel – one-click app releases with zero downtime and no overhead

Have a fun[ny] and productive day!

  • Cedric Chaveriat

    Is this a NoSQL solution?
    Do you plan to develop a plugin for IntelliJ and/or rewrite all in Scala instead?
    And what about mobility???

  • arhan

    It is big data, mobile and social, that’s the main thing! :)

  • Oliver White

    Right–it’s a platform for making big data more mobile and social, but using DevOps as a Service to make sure that Java 8 can be delivered continuously to .NET developers. Hope that clears it up.