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900 Java developers compare their development environment

Yep, double the amount of people have responded to Java EE Containers Part II: What’s Changed in a Year? since the last post – but this is only the beginning. We’d like to be able to provide Java devs all over the world with data from a huge subset of respondents.

Do you want to see stats from developers answering questions like:

  • How often are development containers restarted & redeployed to?
  • How much time does to take for each restart/redeploy cycle?
  • Which containers are the fastest, and slowest, in the industry?
  • Which containers and frameworks are other teams using the most?

Last year, over 40,000 people checked out our results.

Comparing Java EE Containers

It takes only a minute or two, and free JRebel licenses are right around the corner!