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5 Reasons Why Developers Love Writing for RebelLabs

“RebelLabs is one of the few places that promotes opinionated pieces actually backed by arguments (instead of mindless rants). Writing for RebelLabs helps me to comment on emerging technologies in an unbiased way. It allows me to cut to the bone and comment/review/evaluate technologies and practices as they really are.”

Kostis Kapelonis, Software Engineer & RebelLabs Author


Did you know that RebelLabs turned 1 year old today? Yep. Born on January 15, 2013 and conceived months before that–just like a human. Or clone. Or cyborg, I guess.

What does RebelLabs, ZeroTurnaround’s research & content division, do that other tech-content publishers don’t do? Whereas some media organizations seek to benefit by aggregating other people’s writing, RebelLabs strives to become the de facto resource for discriminating engineers to continually visit when it comes to making important decisions about technology. We are holding ourselves responsible for the content that is produced at RebelLabs, not just trying to get pageviews and impressions on ads. Ultimately, we want to write about whatever most benefits developers at the time.

Since the origins of RebelLabs, we’ve been trying to figure out how to involve as many voices in our efforts as possible. The idea is to have a highly-representative group of content contributors all over the world. I’m talking all time zones here, and at least 5 languages.

RebelLabs is a place for truly extraordinary developers, those who can leave the code realm temporarily to do research, teach others and write passionately about the subject matter. So I thought it would be cool to write down 5 good reasons you should join us as an author, and see if you agree.

  1. Meet new, geeky friends
  2. Group inspiration
  3. Motivation for creation
  4. Useful support (we got your back)
  5. Rewards, gifts and unicorns

Here is what I mean by this…

1. Meet New, Geeky Friends

5 good reasons why you'll love writing for RebelLabs

Hopefully, you think what RebelLabs is doing is cool and useful. Not only should you come be part of what we’re doing (i.e. educating, challenging and entertaining our audience), but hanging out with like-minded people like us is fun at times. For example, you can make references to Star Wars and The Big Lebowski without seeing bewildered faces glaring back at you. And without making it sound too weird, we can all bask in each other’s talent and passion for writing, teaching and learning stuff.

2. Group inspiration

5 good reasons why you'll love writing for RebelLabs

Like-minded people can be a great inspiration. Stop debating with yourself in the mirror about if Scala is better than Clojure, and talk with us! ;-) An awesome team of fellow writers will inspire you, help your idea take root and nurture it with you. And act as a sounding board to challenge your ideas as well.

Basically, we want to be part of the creative process with you, not simply receiving your submission and hacking away at it with a red pen (get the reference?). Writing at RebelLabs is meant to be constructive and rewarding, not a burden, and that’s why we will always have 2 editors available to you: one for technical review–i.e. do your code examples work?–and one for the written style, tone and language.

3. Motivation for creation

5 good reasons why you'll love writing for RebelLabs

It’s great when you come home with 500 new ideas, but what do you do next? I’ve never been very awesome at self-motivation, and executing on your ideas can be tricky, especially if you have little time to spare.

That’s why RebelLabs Authors get to enjoy some extra psychological reinforcements; namely, the attentions of a small but high-powered team of professional writers, designers and marketers to ensure your content isn’t just technically correct and grammatically correct (the majority of our Authors, by the way, are NOT native English speakers), but also promoted to a much larger audience that you would get on your private blog. We’re here to help you drive the ideas you have to take shape and become alive. Like a Blog Frankenstein.

“Writing for RebelLabs gave me the opportunity to spread my Java tinkerings to a wider audience than on my own blog. And the RebelLabs team is very supportive when it comes to helping you flourishing up your post with extra interesting content and graphics (eek graphics, not my kind of stuff..,maybe if I program them ;)”

Balder Van Camp, Java Engineer & RebelLabs Author

4. Useful support (we got your back)

5 good reasons you'll love writing for RebelLabs

Alright, you wrote an article that’s about the change the world. Well, not sure about you, but I’ve only got 63 people (12 of them family members) that read my personal blog–won’t they be blown away?! ;-)

When you produce content with RebelLabs, you get all the power of ZeroTurnaround’s voice, awareness and traffic. In July 2013, we broke three records related to traffic. Just try Google searching broad topics like “Java Developer Productivity”, “Java Web Frameworks” or “Java 8” and see where we stand. We are not a large company; at the beginning of 2012 we only had about 20 people. But we’re growing, and our we’re doing our best to make up for our smaller size and no funding by making an impact on the world of technical content.

5. Rewards, gifts and unicorns

“If you do something well, never do it for free”
–Joker, “The Dark Knight”

5 good reasons you'll love writing for RebelLabs

We want to make it worth your while to produce content with RebelLabs. After all, this is meant to be a cooperative relationship, where both of us are happy with the results. Our external Authors are mostly “volunteers”, meaning that they write 1 blog post a month that we publish. We know that the level of commitment needs to be low at first, and after contributing 4 blog posts, we want to send you a gift. You won’t know when, or what it will be. It’s a surprise, like a unicorn, or unicycle…maybe even a monocle. See, that’s the fun part!

Obviously, the cherry on top is that your content is always traced back to you. RebelLabs is like a exhibit hall for what you write, and you’ll always get the full credit for the pieces you contribute, which we hope you’ll add to your CV/résumé). We hope you will link back to it on your own blog, share with your personal network and branch out into the RebelLabs network too.

Too Long; Didn’t Read (TL;DR)

You are not wrong if you think it sounds GREAT to be part of a team whose primary goals are to educate, challenge and entertain people with great, high quality technical content.

Becoming a RebelLabs Author is an excellent way to make new, geeky friends, enjoy group inspiration and feel motivated to create. It’s a role that comes with useful support from other writers and editors, and comes with rewards, gifts and other forms of mythical compensation. (N.B. We’re getting word that Unicorns are currently out of stock, sadly).

RebelLabs is a way for you to grow, learn and get your name out to tens of thousands using our platform from which to launch your content. With us, you get a powerful outlet and the freedom to write opinionated, fun and controversial articles about all sorts of technology topics that interests you.

If you are have a technical background, the desire to learn and share your ideas with others, and a passion for writing (both code and in English), then please contact us at @ZeroTurnaround or

It’s your ability to be involved that marks you as an exceptional engineer. Maybe it’s time to let others know that too.