ZeroTurnaround Trademarks

First of all, we are ecstatic that you want to share our name and products with others! We aim to make this process as simple as possible. But we do have to point out a few guidelines that we kindly ask you to observe:

Don’t change
our logo(s) in any way without our consent.

Don’t place
our logo(s) or name next to any obscene graphics or comments.

Don’t imitate
our logo(s), as flattering as it is.

Other than that, just use common sense. If you wouldn’t want us to do it to your brand name, logo or company description then you probably shouldn’t do it to ours.

And here are all the things you CAN do with our ™ and ® images:

  1. Use logos on blogs, stories, articles, partner products and websites which partner with us technically and in marketing.
  2. Resize our logo so that it fits your needs (in fact the bigger the better).
  3. Use as frequently and densely as you would like.
  4. Contact us if you have any questions about use of our logos or company name.
Keyword US EU Description Logos
ZeroTurnaround ® ® Our company name zip ~2MB
JRebel ® ® Productivity tool for developers zip ~3MB
LiveRebel ® ® Productivity tool for production (discontinued) zip ~3MB
XRebel ® ® Real time code quality tool for developers zip ~3MB

If you have any questions regarding our trademarks or the use of please contact our marketing ,