Speed up your slow Eclipse with the Optimizer plugin by finding and fixing common configuration issues. It’s a jetpack for Eclipse!

Optimizer for Eclipse

Why is my Eclipse so Slow?

Your Eclipse may be slow for any number of reasons, some more complex than others.
Optimizer for Eclipse will diagnose and fix the following issues in your Eclipse installation.

1Low memory allocation

A low minimum heap size will cause the JVM to continuously allocate additional memory. When you do not have sufficient memory, the JVM pauses for garbage collection frequently – slowing down your experience.

2Slow class verification

The class verification performed on Eclipse classes and plugin classes significantly slows down the JVM at startup and slows down Eclipse.

3Large indexes and history

Over time, Eclipse generates a large cache of history and index files. The constant usage of these files in RAM and SSD/HDD makes your Eclipse sluggish and unresponsive.

4Slow JDK

Oracle JDK is the performance leader, and continues to improve with every release. If you are not using this version, you are missing out and your Eclipse may be slow.

5Eclipse out of date

Eclipse is working to get better with every new version. Keep your Eclipse up to date and benefit from the newest improvements.

6Lengthy build and redeploy

Adding JRebel to your Eclipse will allow you to reload code changes instantly to your running application, eliminating time wasted in application build, restart and redeploy.


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