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    Is there a way to use XRebel for SOAP web services? If I test a SOAP service using SOAPUI, how do I profile the calls?


    Hello Arun!

    This part of the documentation might help: http://manuals.zeroturnaround.com/xrebel/use/advanced.html#xrebel-with-restful

    Most likely you SOAP service doesn’t expose any UI. But then you can just add ‘/xrebel’ to the service URL and you’ll be able to access the results.




    It did not work for SOAP web services. I dont see any documentation on steps to use xrebel with SOAP web services.

    I tried XRebel with Restful service as well, but does XRebel work for the POST/PUT methods? From the documentation here, I see it works for GET method. If xrebel will work for non-GET methods how do i use it? I use postman plugin for chrome for testing restful services. If I use <<service name>>/xrebel, I get “Drag this to bookmarks bar to open XRebel on any page: XRebel”. But i cant bookmark it in any rest client test tool. Is there a workaround or a tool that does Restful client testing and work with xrebel as well?



    I was able to get it working for RESTful and SOAP services. Thanks Anton!


    We are trying to use XRebel for our Rest services, appending\Xrebel works fine to load the XRebel toolbar, However, our UI content takes a hit.

    Our UI is in React and there is lot of routing logic based on the URL and appending\Xrebel breaks the page load.
    Is there any other way we can have the Xrebel toolbar loaded for the Rest Services


    Tiit Oja
    Rebel Staff


    It is possible to disable injecting the XRebel toolbar to the page’s source if it causes problems with rendering the page.
    You can append the following to your server’s JVM arguments to disable the toolbar injection:


    The information gathered by XRebel can still be seen by opening the standalone UI by appending /xrebel to the end of the URL you’re requesting.
    Make sure that the URL that you’re appending /xrebel is a REST endpoint managed by your Java backend server.

    Please let me know if the workaround works on your end as well.

    All the best,

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