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    Where should we suggest new feature requests? emailing support the request seems like it will just disappear forever. Is there somewhere like a Jira i can create them?


    Valerie Avramenko
    Rebel Staff

    Hello Nicholas!

    When you forward your request to us, we create a JIRA task for it and it gets forwarded to a Product Management team. Sometimes indeed they decide that it’s not something we are looking into right now, but might also happen that they come back to the matter in a few releases. We don’t have any public following instrument for this, but in that case it wouldn’t speed up the process either.

    Otherwise Support Team always notifies you about upcoming changes or resolved requests, we keep that in our notification system.

    Hope we answered your question!

    Kind regards,


    Great! Thank you! Add my +1 to a public facing feature request web application.

    And let me clarify I’ve never had a new feature request go un-answered! sorry my question made it sound like you guys are ignoring me, when in fact, you are the most responsive support group ever.


    Valerie Avramenko
    Rebel Staff

    Will do ;)

    Thank you, Nicholas ^_^


    Hi Valerie. Or rebel staff.

    Is emailing support and creating a forum post still the best way to submit a jrebel feature?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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