WebSphere Liberty Profile running from maven

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    We run our application in WebSphere Libery Profile using the liberty-maven-plugin, which effectively creates a new WLP profile every time you run the application. The JVM options are included directly in the POM.

    If I add the JRebel agent path to the JVM options, I can get everything running and JRebel redeploys the app okay. However, now the POM directly references a path on my dev machine, so none of the other developers in the team would be able to run WLP because they don’t have that path on their machines.

    Is there a way that I can get the liberty-maven-plugin to pick up other JVM options to that each developer can specify their own JRebel agent path? Bear in mind that we don’t have WLP actually installed locally (the installation is created each time we run the app from maven).


    Valerie Avramenko
    Rebel Staff


    For this scenario you can configure a Maven placeholder that each developer would pass via VM argument. For example in your pom.xml you would have something like this:
    <some-wlp-jvm-opts>${rebel.args} -Dmy.other args </some-wlp-jvm-opts>
    and then when running specify those rebel.args (changing the path accordingly):
    mvn libery-maven-plugin:sometask -Drebel.args=-agentpath:/path/to/lib/libjrebel64.so.

    Please let us know if this suggestion worked for you?

    Kind regards,



    Thanks. That essentially worked – I had to also set a default value for the property to some harmless JVM option so that team members who are not using JRebel would not be affected.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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