Websphere 8.5 with JRebel 7 and IBM JVM – Not Working

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    I’m testing the JRebel trial with our Java stack. We use Eclipse Mars with Websphere traditional profile (not Liberty) on a 64-bit IBM JVM (Java 1.6).

    Whenever I enable JRebel on the server, the server takes a very long time to start up, and the “publishing” status panel in Eclipse never dissappears. Futhermore, web applications are not accessible. When I try to access the WAS console locally, I often get blank pages, extremely slow responses, or no response at all. It seems that the entire server environment is in an inconsistent or corrupt state. The WAS console in Eclipse shows many OutOfMemoryErrors in Java heap space.

    Removing JRebel integration and cleaning/restarting the server twice seems to bring me back to a normal state.

    Do I have to integrate with Websphere 8.5 differently than simple IDE integration? The documentation online is not clear at all on this. Websphere 8.5 is supposed to be supported, but clicking that link takes me to “standalone” server integration, which is not what I want.

    So, my questions are:
    1. Is Websphere 8.5.x Traditional 64 bit supported by JRebel 7.x Eclipse Plugin?
    2. If (1) is “Yes”, then what is the proper way to install it?



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