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    I am using jrebel licensed copy with JSF application in Intellij Idea. Whenever I debug jsf rich faces application with jrebel, it continuously throws exception on RENDER KIT.
    org.apache.myfaces.lifecycle.ViewNotFoundException: A view is required to execute INVOKE_APPLICATION

    I wasted many days in debugging the issue. Later realized that issue with Jrebel. When I run in run/debug mode without jrebel, everything works fine. Please suggest.



    Hannes Metssalu
    Rebel Staff

    Hey Rakesh,

    Do you have any code snippets which would help me reproduce this issue? I tried reproducing it but everything seemed to work as intended. Also – please start your server with the additional argument -Drebel.log=trace and reproduce this issue once more.

    The log of this session will be generated to {user.home}/.jrebel/jrebel.log, please send it to support@zeroturnaround.com along with all the other information.




    Can we have conference; so that I can share my screen to explain the problem.
    How can one send real application logs?



    Always gets below exception when I use jrebel.
    at org.apache.myfaces.context.servlet.PartialViewContextImpl.getPartialResponseWriter(PartialViewContextImpl.java:361) ~[myfaces-impl-2.1.15.jar:2.1.15]
    at org.richfaces.context.ExtendedPartialViewContextImpl.getPartialResponseWriter(ExtendedPartialViewContextImpl.java:201) ~[richfaces-core-impl-4.3.7.Final.jar:4.3.7.Final]
    at org.apache.myfaces.context.servlet.ServletExternalContextImpl.redirect(ServletExternalContextImpl.java:454) ~[myfaces-impl-2.1.15.jar:2.1.15]
    at javax.faces.context.ExternalContextWrapper.redirect(ExternalContextWrapper.java:388) ~[myfaces-api-2.1.15.jar:2.1.15]

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