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    I have the following problem :

    – A couple of years ago we had floating JRebel licenses and a user acquired one floating JRebel license. He worked with JRebel for a while then no longer used it.
    – Then zeroturnaround changed the license model. On our license server we switched to managed licenses and over time the floating licenses on the license server expired.
    – Now the user needs JRebel for a new project. When he tries to get a seat from the license server he gets the error “JRebel has expired. No free seats available.” On the license server’s Web interface I can see the user show up under “floating”

    The error message sort of makes sense as the floating licenses have expired, but there are several “managed seats” available.

    How can I switch him over to “managed seats”???

    I’m using the current license server version 3.3.7.

    Any help on this is appreciated!



    Vita Krainik
    Rebel Staff

    Hello, Ingo!

    Is it possible that the user is requesting the license against the URL of the floating seats group, instead of the URL of the group for managed seats? This seems like something that would explain the issue.

    In this case you can send him a new URL to connect to the License Server. You can find Group URLs from the License Server Groups tab.

    If that is not the case then please send us jrebel-licensing.log, jrebel-{ide}.log from your user’s machine and, if possible, application.log from license server installation directory. You can send the logs to support@zeroturnaround.com




    Hi Vita,

    you were right!

    I had asked the user to take the URL from the documentation, which is in our Wiki.

    But instead of taking the correct URL from our Wiki he used the old URL he had saved in his “documentation” – a text file on his system. Which was the URL for the floating licenses.

    Using the correct URL fixed the user’s problem.

    And I will try to remember : Always double-check! ;-)

    Thanks a lot!


    Vita Krainik
    Rebel Staff

    Hi Ingo!

    It is great to hear the issue is fixed, I’m glad I could help!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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