JRebel fail in Intellij

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    I trying out Jrebel in Intellij (latest version). No matter how many times I re-install JRebel, it will give the following error when running a java project.

    The error is :
    JRebel-JVMTI [FATAL] Error opening jar file /Users/myaccount/.jrebel/bootcache/jrebel-bootstrap-af787526f8ea2ba01f1fda2fd9814d5c.jar

    Check the log file /Users/myaccount/.jrebel/bootcache/jrebel.boot.log for more details.

    The log file detail is
    JRebel-JVMTI [DEBUG] Initializing agent… 1.0.33-2018-02-27T08:10:33Z
    JRebel-JVMTI [DEBUG] Java 9+ detected: true
    JRebel-JVMTI [INFO] VM vendor: “Oracle Corporation”
    JRebel-JVMTI [DEBUG] Agent loaded from /var/folders/ch/yd3ltw4179v8j4b67psk1y0c0000gp/T/jrebel-JRebel-201802271049-griffin/lib/libjrebel64.dylib
    JRebel-JVMTI [DEBUG] Searching for jrebel.jar in /var/folders/ch/yd3ltw4179v8j4b67psk1y0c0000gp/T/jrebel-JRebel-201802271049-griffin/jrebel.jar
    JRebel-JVMTI [DEBUG] Found jrebel.jar in /var/folders/ch/yd3ltw4179v8j4b67psk1y0c0000gp/T/jrebel-JRebel-201802271049-griffin/jrebel.jar
    JRebel-JVMTI [DEBUG] Checking bootcache for af787526f8ea2ba01f1fda2fd9814d5c
    JRebel-JVMTI [DEBUG] Bootstrap jar found from bootcache: /Users/myaccount/.jrebel/bootcache/jrebel-bootstrap-af787526f8ea2ba01f1fda2fd9814d5c.jar
    JRebel-JVMTI [DEBUG] Turning on boot class path emulation
    JRebel-JVMTI [FATAL] Error opening jar file /Users/myaccount/.jrebel/bootcache/jrebel-bootstrap-af787526f8ea2ba01f1fda2fd9814d5c.jar

    How can this be resolved ?



    Hannes Metssalu
    Rebel Staff


    Before we dig any deeper, please just try deleting the ../bootcache folder, this will force the files to be regenerated.

    I’m pretty sure that the IntelliJ process does not have sufficient access rights for that file(s). See what ls -la /Users/myaccount/.jrebel/bootcache/ displays.




    Hi Hannes,

    It is working after removing the bootcache folder


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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