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    Robert Ross

    The registration form needs some dang feedback telling you what’s wrong and how to fix it. Simply highlighting fields is just the worst user experience ever. Moreover, what exactly is wrong with my email address that it keeps telling me “Invalid Email”? I’m not posting it here, but I have double and triple checked it and it is perfectly valid. The form validation is a mess.


    Sven Laanela

    Hi Robert,

    I am sorry you are experiencing some difficulties with the registration form in Optimizer for Eclipse. Would it be possible to send me a screenshot of what is shown to you and what you are attempting to enter so I could hopefully see what is going on?
    If you could also send me the eclipse .log file for a session where you are attempting to register, then that would also be immensely helpful. You can find the eclipse .log at workspace/.metadata/.log

    Looking forward to your reply,



    If you click on the Start optimizing button it doesn’t do anything. It says registering in Eclipse lower right hand at the bottom. The “Sign up and start optimizing” screen never goes away. Is this the desired functionality? Can Corp firewall keep the screen from moving on?

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