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    I just updated to 3.3.5 (from 3.2.x). I noticed that the SMTP configuration was not completed though I previously set it.

    Turns out I cannot set a custom SMTP server anymore. Whenever I save the settings (using localhost for SMTP) I get the following error message

    Server error occurred!

    Request: POST /settings/smtp
    Error message: Execution exception[[IllegalStateException: JSR-303 validated property ‘a’ does not have a corresponding accessor for data binding – check your DataBinder’s configuration (bean property versus direct field access)]]

    Is this a bug?

    BTW: using the mail service at works fine. But we like to sent the e-mail using our relay.


    Valerie Avramenko
    Rebel Staff

    Hello Marco!

    Yes, it was a bug in our License Server, we fixed it already in the Nightly Build:

    Could you please try it out and let us know if it’s all good now? Install it as a usual LS update (make sure to make a copy of your database – license-server/data/db folder beforehand).

    Kind regards,



    Hi Valerie,

    I am pleased to report that the 3.3.6 snapshot is working fine with our settings. It even reverted to my original SMTP settings from 3.2.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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