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Why we created YAPLJ (Yet Another Process Library for Java)

Why repeat activities manually when you could spend much more time and effort to create a process library instead?

This is a question we’ve been asking ourselves lately. As our company and engineering team grows, we’ve found that different projects have somewhat similar needs when it comes to libraries. Whenever this happens and we think that the library can be useful for the rest of the Java world, we open-source it.

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DevOpsDays Berlin 2013 – Chat about Chats Notes

We are writing this post from DevopsDays Berlin and each day has Open Space sessions as part of the schedule. This post is a recap of a session I proposed and led. Hopefully this will benefit others with similar problems or at least serve as useful notes.

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Solutions to the [difficult] “Winter is Coming” Java Puzzle

Over the recent winter holidays, we made a Java brain-teaser that was quite different from our regular puzzles. We definitely succeeded in making it different–so different in fact, that it wasn’t as popular as we had expected!

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WordPress Protips: Go With a Clustered Approach

We have been using WordPress for some time now (6 years and counting), and though we’ve had some bumps on the road, we are generally happy with it (except for the HTML editor, of course). Back in the day, we ran everything on a single server but due to growing traffic & traffic spikes after big releases, plus the unstable nature of computer hardware, we’ve needed to go with a clustered environment instead. You know, the chaos monkey is always after you!

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Jenkins CI: The Origins of Butlers, Build Masters and Bowties

Jenkins. The build master in a bow tie that we’ve all grown to rely on. In this new report from RebelLabs, we’re all over Jenkins like brown on rice, or like JRebel on your classloaders.

In Jenkins CI: The Origins of Butlers, Build Masters and Bowties, we looks at all the angles in Jenkins, covering some history, our favorite features & plugins and even show you how to build Jenkins pipelines the ZeroTurnaround way–plus, we have top it all off with an exclusive interview with our friend Kohsuke Kawaguchi, the originator of Jenkins.

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Winter is Coming: Warm Your Brain Cells With a Java Developer Puzzle

Holidays are very often great for hacking, besides other things like building medieval landscape puzzles in your kitchen. This is the time of year when there are less deadlines, less going on. If you don’t want to undertake a big project then we have something for you. A holiday puzzle. This time we’ve taken a step away from our historical puzzles and done this a little differently….

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ZeroTurnaround Expands CompSci Course Offering on “Java Fundamentals” to Tallinn University of Technology

The Tallinn University of Technology contains not only Java geeks, but also a parking lot made of water!

In mid-2012, ZeroTurnaround established a partnership in Estonia to offer a course called “Java Fundamentals” at Tartu University. With the current semester coming to a close, we’ve decided to take this a step further, expand and do the course at the Tallinn University of Technology. Based on the success and popularity of our Tartu course, it makes sense to expand this to Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, as well.

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JRebel How-to: Zero Downtime Java Development in the Stratosphere with SAP NetWeaver Cloud

SAP launched its cloud strategy back in May and one of the solutions they offer is the SAP NetWeaver Cloud, which is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that lets you provision a Java EE stack on the cloud with couple of clicks. You can deploy and manage your applications with custom Eclipse plugins. Super easy for developers.

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Jenkins Protip – Artifact Propagation

Jenkins is a continuous integration tool that is very often used as a orchestration tool for continuous deployment and delivery. Today, we will look how to do artifact propagation in a Jenkins pipeline for Continuous Delivery. Some of questions I’m thinking about are:

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Gravitational singularity, cosmology and an intern

Last week was a great week for ZeroTurnaround. On Monday we grew by 10% head count wise and I plotted the trend. It was humongous. My calculations showed that we will reach 600 billion people by the end of the year. This introduced a lot of questions and couple of interesting threads. Also it meant that our first intern ever hired had a lot more on his plate than first expected. I’ve compiled one of the public threads just for you guys. It tells you how and why we have a document Will ZeroTurnaround reach Gravitational Singularity and also to state that we actually don’t pack people together 100% flesh to flesh.

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