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Java Web Frameworks Index: March 2017

This data is specific to March 2017. If you want the latest data in the Java Web Frameworks index, be sure to check out and bookmark the main Java Web Frameworks Index homepage.

This is our second blog post about the Web Frameworks Index! Our first, which we posted last month gave an overview of what the program was all about. Over the coming months, we’ll be providing updated data points about how each Java web framework is performing in our index.

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Effective performance management with the performance pipeline

In this whitepaper, we describe the performance pipeline, a concept of mapping performance related work and activities towards the stages of a software delivery pipeline. The main idea behind the performance pipeline is to make sure that the development team is aware of the performance of their product throughout the full length of the delivery process. Being aware of the performance of your application and taking steps not to introduce performance regressions is a continuous process. You can ensure reasonable performance at every stage of the delivery pipeline. Test proactively, rather than solve performance problems your users reported to you after the fact.

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My class loader hates me and wants to slow me down

Extremely fast builds with Gradle by Cedric Champeau

RebelLabs is the media partner for the Virtual JUG, the online Java User Group which brings you the best sessions by world class speakers. The best part? You don’t have to leave your house or office to enjoy them! You can educate yourself and become a better developer even from the comfort of your home!

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Level up during the holidays: geekLevel++

Merry GEEKmas And Happy Holidays!

JVM Options Cheat Sheet


Welcome to the tenth RebelLabs cheat sheet! This time we’ll focus on the useful JVM options you might want to use, but forget about. In this post, we’ll describe what each of the featured options do.

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Spring and Java EE – Head to Head

Spring v JavaEE

Spring and Java EE are largely considered competing technologies. Our recent RebelLabs tools and technologies report asked whether which Java EE versions people used and whether or not they used Spring.

However, we’re trying to understand better what exactly developers mean when they say “I use Spring” or “I use Java EE.” Are we talking about the servlet classes being used underneath it all or the full blown profile? We’ll find it out by asking you for a little more detail in our new 5 question mini-survey.

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Most popular and the best Java Frameworks, Tools, and Libraries 2016

We recently released the RebelLabs Java Tools and Technology report 2016. In case you missed it, we showed you the survey results from over 2000 fellow geeks. There were winners and losers in the report, but in this post, we’re going to focus on the success stories! First of all, here’s an image that shows 12 winners from the report that we were excited to tell you about.


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