Imagine a bacon-wrapped Ferrari. Still not better than our free technical reports.

Bazinga! Rebellions on Twitter, on the road and some more exciting news.

It’s time for the first ever community update from ZeroTurnaround :) Hooray!


It was funny to read the #JRebel and #JRSoc tags on twitter, but this is the killer tweet  I’d like to highlight on this update:

Konrad Malawski  receives “Thanks dude, you rock” award this month. Are you ready for some JRebel poetry on Twitter or Don’t forget to use to use #JRebel tag.

Since we are talking about, how many of you are using to share your thoughts? I had interesting conversation with our CTO Jevgeni about that and I am curious how many people from the Java world are using this service.

Rebellions around  Europe


Yes we’re going to Devoxxx again. If you are wondering about why there is one more ‘x’ to the event’s title, that’s because we are so excited to be there and to give away free licenses.


We are giving away free licenses to all attendees of Java2Days 2011 event is Sofia and we may have JRebel panel in the free java course organized by @bbatsov at iniLab co-working space.

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