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XRebel 2.0.1 and 2.0.2 Released

Following the launch of XRebel 2.0, we released two minor updates for our profiler: 2.0.1 & 2.0.2. These minor releases incorporate a few important bug fixes and improvements.

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Discover hidden HTTP redirects with XRebel

Have you observed how your web application can slow down due to extra HTTP requests? The HTTP client may execute multiple requests instead of just one request and you might not even notice! HTTP redirects are the cause of the extra requests. Also, it is not easy to spot those extra requests if you’re not specifically looking for them to appear. XRebel, the lightweight Java profiler can give you the insight needed to find extra requests, if any.

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XRebel UI Hack: View data that is relevant for your app’s performance analysis

Data that you don’t care about? We’ve got a fix for that!

The theme of this series of blog posts post has been showcasing how XRebel is giving users useful information, while keeping it simple. Here are the first two posts, in case you missed it:

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Improved XRebel UI for tracking HTTP invocations, SQL and NoSQL queries

The first post in this series we focused on how organizing I/O data made the XRebel UI simple and scalable for Java enterprise apps.

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XRebel UI Awesomeness for Java Enterprise apps

UI design is all about simplicity. What does it mean to be simple?

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XRebel 1.2 Released – JPA/Hibernate, Redis, RMI, WildFly 8.2

Hello and welcome, XRebel 1.2!

The new version of XRebel comes with support for Hibernate/JPA, Redis, Java RMI, WildFly 8.2, improvements for MongoDB support and adds some eye candy too!

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Why you should use XRebel if you are using MongoDB

MongoDB is the most popular NoSQL data store available today. MongoDB organizes JSON-like documents into collections. One collection may contain multiple documents with different structures. It is then up to the user to organize these documents by logically grouping ‘em into collections.

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XRebel 1.1.2 Released – Resin, WebSphere Liberty Profile and OrientDB support

Try JRebel 6 beta: Adding new instance fields without restarting

Try JRebel 6 beta: Now without restarts when making hierarchy changes to superclasses