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XRebel provides insight into your application’s performance during development. It runs with your web app and displays alerts in your browser via a simple widget. XRebel enables developers to create better software faster!

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Key Benefits

Understand performance

You don’t need to be an expert anymore to run a profiler. Everyone on your team can now understand performance like never before.

Improve quality

Get notified when the issue occurs and fix it proactively. Stop performance issues from reaching the user.

Reduce rework

Commit performant code. Stop wasting time on finding issues in QA and production and fixing them later.

Why Users Love XRebel

We found it very useful to dig into the SQL queries. We quickly found some very lengthy and complicated queries. We also found that our session can get as large as 30 Mb - we had too many references to Spring beans in the session.

Federico Russo

Antea srl

XRebel Customer

We found some very interesting side-effects right away. The worst of those was some badly coded Hibernate which would generate over 700 database queries. The JSF memory footprint was a bad surprise - some beans are in the session, that shouldn’t have been there.

Petri Tuomaala

Elbit Oy

XRebel Customer

We’ve had some real OutOfMemory problems in our production environment for quite some time. Once I got XRebel up and running I noticed that our most used webapplication uses around 15MB/User session. By tuning a few JSF parameters I got the average user session from 15MB to 0,5MB.

Jens Löfgren


XRebel Customer

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