Automate Releases With LiveRebel

Whats New with 3.0

  • Release multiple applications onto their environments, at once
  • Hotpatching is deprecated and will be supported in 3.0.x only
  • JetBrains TeamCity is now officially supported
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Rollout and Rollback Releases Automatically

Release Multiple Applications with LiveRebel

Release Multiple
Applications at Once

Rollout multiple applications along with database changes, configuration and static content onto their respective environments, in a single transaction.
Validate Releases with LiveRebel

Validate Releases
and Rollback Failures

All environment properties are verified before release, and tests can be run during the rollout. Failed releases are rolled back ensuring that end users are not impacted.
Automate Release Tasks with LiveRebel

Automate Release
Tasks with Scripts

Include provisioning, release hooks and custom scripts in the special “liverebel” folder with your application. They are executed automatically during the release.

Zero Downtime with Rolling Restarts

Zero Downtime Deployments with LiveRebel

Release-time Proxying

During the release LiveRebel will update a few servers at a time and redirect their requests automatically to active servers during the downtime.

Migrate One User at a Time

Every user will see the old version until his session expires. Then he will be automatically directed to a server with the new version.

Load Balancer Not Involved

LiveRebel server agents act as a proxy between the load balancer and the actual web servers, load balancer is not involved in the release.

Change Databases and Configuration

Migrate Databases

Perform database migrations with your application release. LiveRebel rolls back changes if the release fails.

Externalize Environment Configuration

Provide properties by environment and let LiveRebel apply them during deployment. There is no need to couple them with your release artifact.

Version Environment Configuration

LiveRebel server agents act as a proxy between the load balancer and the actual web servers, load balancer is not involved in the release.
Change Databases and Configuration with LiveRebel

One-Stop Management Console

Assemble Deployments with LiveRebel

Assemble Deployments

Create named deployments by assigning applications to their target environments. Add or remove servers, apps and modules to deployments. Move apps between deployments.

Manage Applications and Versions with LiveRebel

Manage Apps and their Versions

See which application versions run across environments managed by LiveRebel. Add new applications and versions by uploading archives through UI or CLI.

Control Servers with LiveRebel

Control Servers and Environments

Drag and drop application, web, database and file servers into groups to create environments. Start, stop or view server properties from within the dashboard.

Real Time Monitoring with LiveRebel

Real-Time Monitoring

Monitor health of your deployed apps and servers in real-time. See throughput, latency and a list of the slowest transactions by hovering over the health beacon.

Logs and Audits with LiveRebel

Logs and Audits

View logs and audits for every action. See who did what, when and where.

Near Zero Overhead

0 % CPU overhead

LiveRebel does not instrument your application in any way that would cause a CPU overhead.

0 % memory overhead

LiveRebel does not allocate any memory inside your application – it only allocates the 32-64m heap for the separate agent process.

< 5ms latency overhead

LiveRebel agent acts as a passthrough proxy and can add minor overhead to latency time of your requests, especially during the release.

Broad Platform Support, Extensible

Platform Agnostic

Deploy apps that use Java, .NET, PHP, Python, Ruby, Perl amongst others, bundled with database changes and scripts.


Oracle HotSpot JVM5.0, 6.0, 7.0

Java Application Servers

Tomcat5.5, 6.x, 7.x
JBoss4.2.x, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x
Glassfish3.0.x, 3.1.x
Jetty6.x, 7.x, 8.x
LiferayLiferay Portal 6.1 on Tomcat

Integrate into your Processes

> hg pull -u
> tar -cpzf dist.tar.gz --exclude ".hg" *
> liverebel-cli upload -file dist.tar.gz
> liverebel-cli update -app "$APP" 
   -ver "$VERSION" -servers "staging"
> hg tag "$VERSION"

Integrate with continuous integration servers and build systems to automate releases. Drive towards continuous delivery.

Use a fully featured command line interface or REST API to integrate LiveRebel with your current processes and tools.

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