Release Management for Continuous Delivery

LiveRebel provides you out-of-the-box continuous delivery with multi-platform deploys, release orchestration, zero downtime rollouts and automated rollbacks.

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Key Benefits

Release anytime

Make releases trivial. Let LiveRebel automate them for you, while your users keep on working.

Rollback failed releases

If a release fails, it is rolled back automatically before your users notice. Figure out what went wrong at your leisure.

Build once, deploy anywhere

Remove environment-specific configuration from the build.

Hit the ground running

Set LiveRebel up in a day. No need to change existing processes or to buy professional services.

ZeroTurnaround releases twice a week with 99.99% uptime Find out how

Why Users Love LiveRebel

With LiveRebel, we shortened release windows by 90% and release three times more frequently. I now have a more agile release process!

Miguel Rojas


R&D Manager

LiveRebel has made us more productive. It allows us to focus on development, and eliminates the headaches of deployment and app downtime.

Jeff Margileth



With LiveRebel, we went from a manual release process to an automated one. We push updates while end users continue working seamlessly.

Canadian Research Facility

Development Team Manager

Release like a Boss with LiveRebel.




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3+ managed servers

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Serious Business



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2 managed servers

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Trials and Start-Ups

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