The age old question when buying business products is “what benefits am I and my company going to have the pleasure of receiving by adding this line item expense to our budget.” Well actually it’s probably more like “how is this going to help me,” but I think you get the idea. Not only do we save you redeployment time but we can go as far as “how much time” and “actual money saved” with our ROI calculator. So even if the “age old question” does not pertain to you, I am sure it does to your boss. Make sure to share our ROI calculator with your colleagues and bosses.

ROI Calculator




JRebel will save you million / year

  • JRebel improves developer efficiency by million%.
    This allowing your team to complete the work of million developers.
  • Doing this without JRebel would require million extra developers.
  • This would cost you million / year.
  • JRebel licenses for your whole team would cost zer0 / year.
  • Your investment will pay off in zer0 days.