Instantly update code and resources

More than Java

JRebel for Android works at the bytecode level. This way we support all JVM languages, while keeping Dalvik and ART compatibility. Write your apps using any language with Gradle integration, including Kotlin, Scala, Groovy or Java.

Instantly update and debug

JRebel for Android works with the debugger out of the box. Attach it to a running application or immediately launch with the debugger. Hit those breakpoints while updating code and resources. Escape the madness of reinstalling your app while debugging.

The libraries you need

Android has a vast amount of libraries, all designed to make developers’ lives easier and more bulletproof. We know that many Android projects rely on these. The JRebel for Android team is working tirelessly to support new libraries. Are you perhaps using Retrolambda, Dagger, RxJava, Retrofit, Butterknife or any others? We have got you covered.

Instant updates

JRebel for Android updates code and resources super fast! Add a new button to the layout file and create the onClickListener business logic in code — without leaving the current activity. We do this with an activity restart. When a class hierarchy change is detected, JRebel for Android will perform an incremental install and an application restart.
Here’s the complete changeset behaviour.

Activity restart
  • Adding, removing, modifying methods
  • Adding, removing, modifying constructors
  • Adding, removing fields
  • Adding, removing classes
  • Adding, removing annotations
  • Adding, removing, modifying static fields value
  • Adding, removing enum values
  • Modifying interfaces
  • Adding, removing, modifying XML resources
Application restart
  • Adding, removing implemented interfaces
  • Replacing superclasses

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