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How to deal with subprocesses in Java

Example of jps output

In this post, we’ll look at what means are there to execute shell commands from your Java code, how to run and govern child subprocesses, what libraries are there to help with this and what improvements to the process API are awaiting us in the sweet JDK 1.9.

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Java & JVM Conquer the World

In this report we take a look at the top 10 reasons Java is the choice for so many development teams, all around the world, and why you should consider it for your next project. One of the main qualities Java possesses since the early design days is its simplicity. In that spirit we laid out in plain simple terms why Java outperforms other languages when it comes to popularity, performance, its amazing ecosystem and community.

For the less technical, this report explains the value Java brings to your projects. For fellow developers, we included some other projects in the Java ecosystem that you might want to look at. Check them out, have a play with them. It will make you a better developer.

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vJUG Write Up: Live Reflection Madness

This week Heinz Kabutz joined the Virtual JUG for the first time with a session on Java reflection. Heinz is a Java Champion and recognised speaker as well as conference organiser, Java Specialists Newsletter creator and performance specialist. To join the vJUG and see these sessions live you should sign up and never look back!

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ZeroTurnaround lands in Stockholm for Jfokus


For the first time in a few years, ZeroTurnaround packed warm jumpers, hats, scarves and eye-brow warmers and set off to beautiful Stockholm for one of the best real developer conferences in the world – JFokus.

This post provides a short recap of what sessions we delivered at the conference and what we think of it in general.

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vJUG Write Up: Package your Java EE application using Docker and Kubernetes

Yesterday Arun Gupta gave his third session on the virtual JUG this week, making him the speaker with most vJUG appearances since it was created back in Nov 2013. This time Arun discussed containers, specifically Docker containers and what they actually are, how they can help and also what’s missing in the Docker tool set today.

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Recognize and Conquer Java Proxies, Default Methods and Method Handles


Last week I’ve attended Jfokus conference. One of the topics that was mentioned several times and discussed throughout the workshop day, were MethodHandles. In this post I try to explain a little about what they are, how they can be useful not only for programming language designers, but also for regular Java developers.

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vJUG write up: jOOQ: Get Back in Control of Your SQL


The vJUG’s second session in January saw Lukas Eder give us a really interesting SQL talk/discussion. Lukas talks through the pain points and pitfalls of what happens when you write raw SQL into Java, and how jOOQ provides a safer and easier set of libraries which you can write your SQL.

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Catching up with Application Server Debate: WebSphere Liberty Profile Strikes Back


In the past we ran a report on application servers, specifically around developer productivity and user experience. The WebSphere Liberty Profile (WLP), a lightweight WebSphere profile was new to the scene at the time, in comparison to others in the report.

However, since then it seems to have had many new features and additions which we’ll look at in this blog post.

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vJUG write up: Wave Gliders and Java, with James Gosling


The first session in 2015 for the vJUG was a huge hit and historic for the vJUG, as wow, we hosted the Java creator, James Gosling. In case you missed it or want to watch it again, the replay is just below. James talks about his project at Liquid Robotics, for whom he is CTO, called the Wave Glider.

This post includes an exclusive interview James Gosling gave to the head of RebelLabs, Oleg, our recap of the session and the full video of the session itself.

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Top Testing Tips for Discriminating Java Developers


We all write tests for our code don’t we? I have no doubt that the range of answers is from “Sure, but do you know how to avoid it?!” to “Absolutely positively yes! I love tests”, so I’m going to show you a few tips that should make writing your tests easier.
So we’ll go through a series of tips that can help you organise your mental picture of how tests should operate both on a low and high level. From how to structure a single unit test to a higher plane of understanding mocking vs. spying and copy-pasting tests code around.

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