ZeroTurnaround is hiring: Java Engineers

About the company

ZeroTurnaround OÜ is a profitable startup from Estonia with a multinational team and offices in Tartu, Tallinn, Boston and Prague. Our team focuses on building exceptional productivity tools for Java developers. Our flagship product, JRebel, is used by tens of thousands of developers in more than 90 countries, and saves our customers 10%-23% of their development time. Our newest product, LiveRebel, enables continuous delivery of applications to live operational environments. It automates release management starting from developer’s hands and all the way to production. One of the best reasons for working in ZeroTurnaround is the fact that every day we make our customer life better and they tell us about it. We are constantly expanding our team, building new products and conquering new markets, come help us do it!

About the position

Java engineers are responsible for developing our products (JRebel and LiveRebel), interacting with our customers, solving their issues and helping them out.

Our products involve a lot of high-stakes low-level Java development and quite a bit of advanced research. We are attacking and solving some of the hardest problems in software development and need your help in doing so. The position is neither junior nor senior, everyone on the team has wide responsibilities and is expected to show initiative. You will have a full-time job in our awesome engineering team in Tallinn or in Tartu.

The daily life of an engineer includes writing awesome code in their favourite IDE (we kind of make fun of Netbeans users but if you can stand your ground then you are fine. Hi Mirko!), being able to test that code (launching JEE app servers, deploying apps and making requests and having automation for that) and then getting that code into a release. This involves a broad knowledge of tools and systems.

Another big part of the time goes into debugging. There are performance issues (have you used a profiler before?), there are stuff-not-working problems (trace your steps, use common sense, calm down and have a towel near you!), there are distributed problems (most tests run in a clustered environment) and also remote problems (you need to figure out what the customer is doing wrong, probably he is across an ocean). These problems all require a lot of analyzing skills and a broad knowledge of tools again. Of course you need to stay sane, friendly and happy in the process.

What will you need to know during the interview? First of all you need to be able to write code. If you can’t code a simple program (think of writing a loop for starters) then we will have a tough time with you. If you have custom configured your favourite editor then bring your laptop! This will save you karma points. Also you will need to analyze real life (or not so real life) JVM issues. Knowing what a JVM is and the tools that come bundled is a big plus and shows that you know more than syntax. Towel again is a plus!


  • Product development
  • Customer support


  • Excellent Java skills
  • B.Sc. or higher in Computer Science or comparable evidence of proficiency
  • At least 2 years of experience in Java development
  • Good command of English, both verbal and written
  • Experience with java[c,p], jps, jar, jconsole
  • Being a quick learner

These are a plus

  • Running a technology blog
  • Open source project commits
  • Experience with Eclipse platform
  • Experience with concurrent, parallel and distributed computing
  • Experience with low-level JVM technology
  • Experience with other JVM languages than Java
  • Being a geek :)

PS! Missing B.Sc is not a show stopper. If you are a talented self-educated engineer and able to prove your knowledge and experience is as valuable as B.Sc or higher.

We can offer

  • An awesome team
  • A challenging job
  • Happy customers
  • Competitive salary

For superb communicators&bloggers there is a possibility to work closely with our marketing team on our blog posts or to join them on Java developer conferences all around the world.


Tallinn or Tartu, Estonia

Applying for position

Please email your cover letter, CV and references to with the title “Java Engineer”.