Careers at ZeroTurnaround

We’re the Starfleet Academy for Java geeks. The Large Hadron Collider for sales wizards. We took humility and added more cowbell. And we’re hiring. In Estonia, that means a small army of Java developers, a platoon of engineering team leads, plus non-Java software and operations folk. In Boston, it’s about all-conquering sales reps, pre-sales engineers, and marketers. In Prague, we have a small but growing sales team. Oh, and content writers and evangelists, sweet JRebel and XRebel evangelists everywhere! See our openings below, read what your future colleagues are saying and apply. Not ready to jump ship for another 6-12 months? Let us know that you’re out there at We’d love to get a conversation going with you. Still a student and your heart beats Java? We have some grant opportunities for exceptional UT and Tallinn Tech students in Estonia, as well as internships. In the US, we have a stellar sales training program for recent grads and we sometimes hire student interns. Jump to our student page to read more.

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Available positions in Boston

Business Development Representative (Entry Level Software Sales)

  • Boston
  • Full-time
  • Sales

As we continue to grow, we are looking to add more members to our sales team. Our Business Development Representative role is a great opportunity to transition into software sales. We provide excellent sales training in a fun and competitive atmosphere. You will learn about Java technology, our products and our sales methodology; we want you to grow in this role – many of our current sales leaders started in the business development role!

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Business Development Representative (Recent College Grads)

  • Boston
  • Full-time
  • Sales

As we continue to grow, we are looking to add more members to our sales team. This is a great opportunity for recent or soon-to-be college graduates who are interested in software sales in a rapidly expanding business with an amazing opportunity for career advancement. You will learn about Java technology, our products and our sales methodology; we want you to grow in this role – many of our current sales leaders started in the business development role!

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Lead Generation Manager

  • Boston
  • Full-time
  • Marketing

The Lead Generation Manager is responsible for driving traffic to our website, and converting that traffic into leads for our sales team. Using a combination of inbound marketing, banner advertising, partner content programs, email marketing, social media marketing, and other promotional activities, you will be aiming to drive awareness, interest and trial of all of our products. We are looking for a person who is able to see the entire marketing and sales funnel, and work to optimize each component. You will need to be strong in demand generation, lead generation, digital advertising, content marketing, SEO/SEM, A/B testing on landing pages, and web analytics. Experience with a free tools model is also a plus.

Driving awareness for our company and products
Driving traffic to our website
Converting web traffic to leads
Devising and updating lead scoring to ensure we are driving the most productive leads, and that these leads are converting to deals
Managing all digital advertising programs (from conception to implementation, measurement and iteration), including PPC advertising and re-targeting
Managing social media marketing
Collaborating on website structure and layout in order to make the most of every visitor
Collaborating on content generation in order to drive inbound organic traffic
Working with our Free Tools engineering team to build a productive Free Tools lead gen and conversion strategy

Required Skills
Strong background in demand generation, digital advertising, and online marketing
Experience with Google Adwords
Experience using Google Analytics and other web analytics tool(s)
Understanding of marketing and sales funnels
3+ years marketing experience in the software industry – understanding of developer mentality or Java industry is a plus
Ability to work with a team distributed around the world (communication via Skype, Google Hangouts, other collaboration tools)
Salesforce/Marketo knowledge is a plus
Ability to plan demand/lead generation strategy, combined with a willingness to roll up the sleeves to implement the strategy and assess what’s working and what’s not

Additional skills that will put you over the top
Knowledge of the target audience, including java developers, architects, QA, and release management teams
Experience managing website strategy and infrastructure
Copy writing experience

Why you want to work for ZeroTurnaround
Intelligent and energetic company
You can be responsible for changing the Java industry
Horizontal and vertical personal growth (we are a small company, you are going to be doing many things)

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Available positions in Estonia

Engineer, Services & Operations

  • Estonia
  • Full-time
  • Engineering

Services & Operations engineers are responsible for our back office applications. These include our billing platform, licensing servers, testing cluster, CMS and all manner of product integrations. They also handle all the bare metal & cloud infrastructure, software deployment and other SaaS software.

The daily life of an engineer in the Services & Operations team includes writing awesome code in PHP, Python, JavaScript and MySQL. Wait, no Java development in a Java company? Who knew!

You will have a full-time job in our Tallinn or Tartu office.

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Frontend Developer

  • Estonia
  • Full-time
  • Engineering

As a front-end developer, you will focus on building a responsive and elegant web UI for our new SaaS product. You will participate in making the product awesome to use and easy to maintain. You will join a small distributed group of bright front-end developers and Java experts. You will closely collaborate with our Design and Product teams. It is important that you live and breathe the fundamentals of CSS, HTML and that you also have extensive JavaScript experience.

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Head of Support

  • Estonia
  • Full-time
  • Cogs

As Head of Support, you are responsible for leading and overseeing the ongoing activities of our sharp-witted international Support Team. Your job will be to manage a team of 5 support engineers (even more in the future) and work closely with our in-house engineering and sales troopers. You will make sure that your team is at the top of their game, tackling all those support cases and keeping our users happy. As our products are quite technical, you need to be able to read Java code and handle technical talks with the customers. Part of your role consists of measuring and analysing the key performance metrics of your team. As a manager you will have quite a lot of freedom in deciding how to do things – in order to achieve the goals set for your team. The job requires a lot of communication, coordination, problem solving and analysis.

This will be a full-time job at our Tallinn or Tartu office.

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Product Marketing Manager

  • Estonia
  • Full-time
  • Marketing

ZeroTurnaround is looking for a high energy Product Marketing Manager to join our team. The Product Marketing Manager will lead key product marketing initiatives for JRebel for Android, a new product for the mobile application development market. Responsibilities will include product messaging, content creation, sales tool development, market research, and product launch planning. The ideal candidate will have a unique combination of experience spanning both traditional product marketing and innovative inbound marketing.

ZeroTurnaround marketing team is following a lean startup approach to driving high growth for the business. This means that we continuously experiment, learn, grow and improve.

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Product Owner, JRebel

  • Estonia
  • Full-time
  • Product

As a JRebel Product Owner, your main trigger is to offer the best developer experience for developers, who build applications in Java. You should be constantly keeping an eye on the frameworks that are popular among developers. You will be talking with the users and framework designers to understand technology and design integrations with JRebel. When developers forget about application restarts and redeploys, you’ve done your job well.

You will work closely with the Senior Product Manager to drive the product vision and collaborate with the engineering team to build products that users use, love and buy. You will assist marketing and sales teams in taking the products to market and own the metrics that define our success.

You’re an ideal match if you have been a passionate Java developer and found yourself being the voice of your team – always looking for the best ways to build applications, pushing for improvements and getting the entire team on board.

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Support Engineer

  • Estonia
  • Full-time
  • Cogs

As a support engineer, you solve any issues that our users may have with our tools. You provide them with the first level of support. The problems arrive from three different sources: our forum, the support email and through our sales team. Keep in mind that these problems are usually recurring. We use HelpScout for processing all support requests. As a support engineer, you get to collaborate with our in-house developers and our overseas sales team.

Your role is very important both to our company — and to our customers. You will be able to interact with key engineers from top companies all over the world. These include Oracle, American Airlines, Apple, HP etc. You will also have a chance to observe the best salespeople at work.

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In their own words

If you’re like us, you need more than recruiter talk. So we asked our people to speak up. Not long ago, they were like you. Wondering if ZeroTurnaround is worth their time and talents. Here’s what they said to tell you about their life and purpose at ZT.
ZT is special. We are not just a collection of individuals, but a team with the singular purpose of improving how software is developed and delivered around the globe. This sense of purpose I see around me is what makes it worthwhile to get up in the morning. The willingness, nay, the passion to learn and improve, is what makes our people stand out. All the folks that come here are capable to begin with. But pushing each other to develop to the fullest is what makes us amazing. Our customers are bespectacled fortysomethings in cubicles, long-haired young hipsters on motorcycles and family guys and gals working for the Man. But they can code, and that’s what counts.

Jevgeni Kabanov

Founder and CEO

We are working on the bleeding edge of development, defining the rules of tomorrow, and feedback from the industry and the community fuels this loop like crazy. The company is packed with nutcase geniuses which sometimes adds a few steps to the journey, but delivers outstanding results. For proof, one needs to go no further than the first customer that popped to my mind: the US Federal Reserve. I suspected at one point that they printed the dollars that they used to pay us.

Toomas Römer

Founder and CTO

My job is to figure out what users need to be happy and identify the most interesting and useful features to implement. In 2010 I met Jevgeni Kabanov at a technology conference and after we talked, I knew: those guys are doing something that I’m very interested in. ZT creates tools that people love and talking to them about our products is very inspiring. Sometimes we need to solve what at first sight seems like an impossible problem. However, sometimes 1+1 is 3 and we manage to build the aircraft while flying. I’ve learned a lot and there’s even more to learn now! Not to say I’m stupid, but my colleagues are super-freakin’-smart guys!

Anton Arhipov

XRebel Product Manager

I figure out what drives our business by answering the following questions: What are the business metrics that are meaningful to us; what goals do we need to have for these metrics in order for us to be successful; are we hitting those goals; why or why not? I also develop the processes to make the progression from prospect to potential customer to paying customer to repeat customer as painless and profitable as possible.My mission at ZT is to create a business that makes other businesses jealous. We want to be the best at everything. We want to have the best products, the happiest customers, the smartest business model. We want to have the brightest employees, the coolest systems, the most efficient processes. And we want to have the most fun while we do it. In short, we want to win at everything.I got a call from a former colleague, Alex Laats, who had recently signed on to ZT as President and COO. At the time, I was running the marketing department for a small business which was owned by a much larger business. Alex said he had a killer opportunity for me at an awesome company with great products and an amazing business model. I decided to come to ZT because the business has limitless potential and the team rivals only the 1992 United States Dream Team for greatest teams ever assembled.Everyone here is extremely motivated and driven to excel. The reason is that everyone knows what our goals are, and everyone knows whether we are hitting them or not. If we do not achieve our goals, we all redouble our efforts in order to hit them next time. When we do hit our goals, we all celebrate the success together. The energy in our office is amazing, and people are able to feed off it to push themselves to constantly do better, more amazing things.

Gregory Keshian

Director of Operations

You can usually find me sourcing large companies that are filled with Java developers just waiting to be saved from their redeployment times, or attempting to get the ZT team to go on a ski trip or play in a volleyball league. I’m very serious, but I like to call it focus in the midst of a sales floor of flying darts, Rebecca Black, and ping-pong balls. Before ZT I was working from 9 to 5 as an account coordinator for a property-management firm while rushing to and from lacrosse practices/games as an assistant coach for a local college. On top of that, I worked a few nights a week as a waitress to pay the bills. Needless to say, when I stumbled across ZT’s job listing and was asked in for an interview the following day, I was intrigued. 24 hours later I met Ethan (who is pretty darn good at sales) and was convinced if I took all the energy I was spending on the above and invested it into ZT, things could get pretty good. He was right. My mission at ZT is to learn as much as I can from the extremely intelligent and successful people who surround me. It is not every day that you find yourself immersed in such energy aimed at one goal. So, while I’m here, I’d like to contribute to it as much as I can. Aside from being insanely smart and just simply awesome, the ZT team is the most dedicated group of people I’ve seen. Yes we have a lot of fun, but everyone understands that the kind of fun we’re having requires a lot of time, effort, improvement, and overall growth to maintain – which everyone at ZT is committed to.

Amanda Pelley

Director of Sales

I’m a JRebel IDE plugin developer for Netbeans and Intellij IDEA, but am slowly moving towards the core. My job so far has been to develop Remoting support and JRebel configuration options logic and UI for Intellij IDEA and Netbeans. I was a mostly self-taught Java developer close to graduation. I only used Eclipse, and barely knew JavaEE when I started five months ago, but had a great passion for Java. Before I realized what was happening, I was developing Remoting support for Intellij IDEA. After the initial version was released, I moved over to Netbeans, now developing both plugins daily. When I get a task, I have to analyze the problem and come up with the solution and implementation myself. There usually are no specific directions except, “We need that function, and it should let the user do that”. ZeroTurnaround was my first choice of employer, it being a direct match for my passion for Java. I enjoy writing Java, and when you do something you enjoy, you suddenly realize at 6:30pm that your workday ended an hour ago. I’m surrounded only by smart people and don’t see many primitive instincts here, like showing off or someone trying to dominate others. You and your boss get along like old friends and the President of the company greets you by your first name.

Joonas Vali

JRebel Core Developer

I’ve done various things from making JRebel reload configuration changes to improving the user experience with our IDE plug-ins, and teaching Scala to university students. My mission at the moment is to make sure JRebel is easy to set up and use for new users. I ended up working here because I wanted to develop software products instead of information systems. I met [ZT founders and senior developers] at a few JRebel release parties before getting hired. They must have been impressed by some of my open-source hobby projects, because somehow I got hired without a technical interview. All of my colleagues are smart people and they keep getting smarter. One has to keep learning constantly to keep up. You can learn something from anyone who works here. And they are funny, too. :)

Erkki Lindpere

Senior Product Engineer, XRebel

I work in the XRebel team and do research on some cool stuff I cannot talk about since it concerns our roadmap. I also implement server integrations and tests, fix bugs, and try juggling during stand-ups. ZT makes awesome products! At my previous place I used JRebel in development and it rocked! I also knew some key people at ZT and saw fire in their eyes when they talked about the company. In fact, we went to same secondary school with founder Jevgeni Kabanov and later met him at various academic events when we were students. In summer 2012 I attended the GeekOut conference, the JRebel release party, and finally decided that I wanted to be part of the team. Because ZT-ers are smart, competent, motivated, funny, and honest!

Pavel Grigorenko

XRebel Research Engineer