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JRebel 5.1.2 released, Apache Camel now supported

Just before the New Year, we have an update for our JRebel users. Just released, JRebel 5.1.2 with a number of improvements is available for download.

To give you some brief highlights:

  • Apache Camel routes reloading
  • Improved support for EJBs on JBoss 7
  • Updated JRebel for Eclipse plugin
  • Updated JRebel for IntelliJ IDEA plugin
  • Updated JRebel for NetBeans plugin

We’re happy to have added support for Apache Camel routes reloading, if configured via RouteBuilder. This is a very interesting feature if you are Apache Camel user; now you can save some application restarts using JRebel! So help us make it better: please give us feedback what else would you like to see supported.

We’ve also bulked up our support for EJBs for JBoss AS 7 – don’t forget to download the latest version of our IDE plugins for Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA and NetBeans!

  • Faizal

    Hi, my application still restarting the camel routes every time I reloaded the context.

  • arhan

    Camel integration is rather experimental and is disabled by default. Please send email to our support describing your issue.