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LiveRebel 3.1 release focuses on performance, security & new rollout strategies

It’s an exciting time for the LiveRebel team–we released LiveRebel 3.1 a few days ago and so far nothing has broken! Kidding aside, releasing software is a difficult task, and that why we built LiveRebel: so that any size software shop could afford out-of-the-box continuous delivery with multi-platform deploys, release orchestration, zero downtime rollouts and automated rollbacks.

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GeekOut hits the road to get its Geek-on in Lond-on!

Straight out of the success of GeekOut 2014 in Tallinn, Estonia, comes a new conference, this time to hit London, GeekOut UK! We’re aiming to bring the same level of high quality speakers and content to the shores of the United Kingdom (or, the shores of the Thames River). The theme of GeekOut UK is around making developers faster, more productive and aware. Think ‘next-gen’ geek!


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JRebel 5.6.0 Released – Java 8, Weld 2 and much more!

JRebel 5.6.0 is released and available for download!

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XRebel 1.0 – The Interactive Java Profiler

Hi folks. Jevgeni here, your friendly neighborhood startup founder and CEO.

Today we proudly announce the general availability of XRebel 1.0. XRebel was born over a year ago, in a brainstorm that I had with my co-founder Toomas Römer at a particularly boring conference session in Las Vegas. We spent a year researching, building and rebuilding to finally achieve the product that we are presenting now. We are extremely proud of the result – it incorporates feedback from hundreds of users and it started selling even before we officially launched it! How cool is that?
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JRebel 5.5.4 Released – WildFly 8.1, Axis2, PrettyFaces and more!

JRebel 5.5.4 is released and is available for download!

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Introducing a GeekOut Rockstar: Lukas Eder


Lukas Eder is the founder and CEO of Data Geekery GmbH, located in Zurich, Switzerland. His company sells database products and services around Java and SQL since 2013. Ever since Lukas’ Master’s studies at EPFL in 2006, he has been fascinated by the interaction of Java and SQL. During most of this experience he has obtained in the Swiss E-Banking field through various variants (JDBC, Hibernate, mostly with Oracle). He is happy to share this knowledge at various conferences, JUGs, in-house presentations and on his blog. You can find Lukas’ conference and JUG talk schedule here:

We caught up with him recently:

SM: Hey Lukas, good to speak with you! Have you ever been to Estonia/Tallinn before? If yes, What were your memories? If No, what are your expectations?

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RebelLabs survey findings: Java developers want to use professionally-supported technologies

For the last 4 years, ZeroTurnaround’s content gurus (who created RebelLabs in early 2013) have produced an annual report that tries to learn more about Java tools, technologies, productivity and methodologies. Next week, RebelLabs is releasing their 5th Java Tools & Technologies report, and we wanted to give you a heads up so you can clear your calendar (that unwatched episode of Game of Thrones can surely wait, right?) for the official launch next Tuesday, May 20th. But we thought it’d be fun to give you a sneak peak into what’s to come, including a great infographic and the official press release (also see below) that we sent out across the wire so that even local newspapers in rural Idaho can find out what’s up…

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Introducing a GeekOut Rockstar: Marcus Lagergren


Marcus Lagergren was one of the founding members of Appeal Virtual Machines, the company that developed the JRockit JVM, bought by BEA Systems in 2002. Marcus has been team lead and architect for the JRockit code generators and has been involved in pretty much every other aspect of JVMs over the years. Between 2007 and 2010, Marcus worked for Oracle on fast Virtualization technology. As of September 2011, he is a member of the Oracle Java language team, investigating dynamic languages on the JVM and general runtime futurist. He is the co-author of the book “Oracle JRockit – the definitive guide“, which, despite the product centric title, has been praised as the best book ever written on JVM internals.

We caught up with him recently:

SM: Hey Marcus, good to speak with you! Have you ever been to Estonia/Tallinn before? If yes, What were your memories? If No, what are your expectations?

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Introducing a GeekOut Rockstar: Venkat Subramaniam


Venkat Subramaniam rarely needs an introduction, as he is one of the most well known presenters on the conference scene. Venkat has been known to travel several loops around the world in just a few hours, as well as fit over 40 one hour sessions into a regular conference day. We caught up with Venkat, the conference magician and phenomenon, in a short interview.

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Press Release: Simon Maple Awarded Java Champion Status

ZeroTurnaround’s Technical Evangelist, vJUG Founder and Tech Guru is recognized as Java Champion.

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