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TDD Slow

Is your TDD slow? It doesn’t have to be that way!

The term putting the cart before the horse is fairly easy to understand analogy that means we’re doing tasks out of order. The cart here can’t pull the horse, that just wouldn’t work, unless the cart was motorised. I guess the horse could push the cart, but it makes everything a lot harder. Anyway, we’re already getting off topic. Test Driven Development makes us question which is the horse and which is the cart. Is the development our horse or the testing? Historically, it was a given that we would develop our code first and tests would (sometimes) follow, but in the modern age TDD is an accepted and exercised practice where a developer would understand the functional behaviour of a given function or class and write tests first that enforces that behaviour. Once the bounds of the new code have been put into place, a developer can safely code with a happier feeling that their development code will match the brief expected of it. So which is the horse? Well, it depends if you follow TDD practices or not!

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JRebel 6.2.5 delivers improvements for Spring and remote server security

Spring framework support improved

This release delivers important improvements to our Spring framework support. Reloading is faster thanks to the improved file system scanning. Also, support for the @Autowired annotation is improved: we now support editing these definitions and adding new dependencies.

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JavaZone logo

ZeroTurnaround getting in the Zone (JavaZone that is!)

JavaZone is not only known for their awesome and sometimes cheeky promotional videos, top content, food and location but also a great party. This year was no exception, the two day conference held at the Oslo Spektrum in Norway consisted of never ending food options, top notch speakers and an awesome party, which this year was held in the expo hall. This was the first year ZeroTurnaround sponsored the event and we are glad we did!

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JRebel 6.2.4 – Out Now!

We’re happy to announce JRebel 6.2.4 is now available, update today!

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java developer test code early perform better

Java Developers: Profile While You Code, Perform Better!

There is a lot of talk about Java Developers testing their own code. Everyone assumes it makes for better code, but does it? Well, if you haven’t yet checked out the latest report from RebelLabs which surveyed over 1500 Java Developers  “Developer Productivity Report 2015: Java Performance Survey Results”, you definitely should.

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Announcing the Early Access of JRebel for Android: Live Android Development

If you’re an android developer, you’ll be all too familiar with the dull and boring loop you endure every day — code-install-build-run-code-install-builzzzzzzzzz! But it doesn’t have to be this way!. Hopefully you have already heard by now that JRebel for Android enables you to see your code changes instantly. Now that’s what we call live Android development! You know, without the install, build or run stages!

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Amped-up Java Development with JBoss Forge and JRebel

If you are Java Developer looking to get a Java EE application up and running quickly, there’s no better combination than JRebel and JBoss Forge. Following along with this post and increase your coding productivity!

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XRebel Share – Because Sharing is Caring!

XRebel, the lightweight Java Profiler, allows users to find potential issues as they code. One of the biggest feature requests we have had since introducing XRebel is the ability to export and share the details of a trace with your team. In XRebel 2.2, we are announcing a new feature called XRebel Share.

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JRebel 6.2.3 Released!

Today we’re proud to announce JRebel 6.2.3 is now available, update today!

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JRebel 6.2.2 Released!

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