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Submitting Forms with Spring and JRebel

XRebel 1.2 Released – JPA/Hibernate, Redis, RMI, WildFly 8.2

Happy Holidays from ZeroTurnaround

JRebel 6.0.1 Released

JRebel 6.0.1 is available for download! The new update comes with improvements and bug fixes.

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Adding WebSocket endpoints on the fly with JRebel and Spring Boot

Enough REST! Leap by switching to WebSockets with JRebel and Spring Boot

REST and RESTful web services are awesome with a number of benefits, though WebSockets are on a whole new level and solve a number of problems that RESTful HTTP really can’t. The number one benefit of WebSockets is that fast full duplex bi-directional communication channel, that will deliver all your goods with lightning speeds, making all your RESTing buddies seem like a herd of snails traveling through peanut butter. If you’d like to see the numbers behind the claim you can take a look at these comparison benchmarks.

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JRebel Enabling Enterprise

Seven Years and Counting

ZeroTurnaround has spent more than 7 years helping Java developers be more productive. Irrespective of who or where they are, or what projects they work on, JRebel has helped more than 50,000 developers eliminate redeploys in Java, so that they can see the impact of their code changes instantaneously. In short, JRebel has been getting devs home in time for dinner for 7 years. That’s pretty cool.

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Why you should use XRebel if you are using MongoDB

MongoDB is the most popular NoSQL data store available today. MongoDB organizes JSON-like documents into collections. One collection may contain multiple documents with different structures. It is then up to the user to organize these documents by logically grouping ‘em into collections.

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No Time to Sit Back and Rest! Develop Your RESTful Web Services with Spring Boot and JRebel

In a previous blogpost, my colleague, friend and exceptionally talented thumb war player, Adam Koblentz, discussed how Spring can be super charged in a development environment to avoid unproductive developer tasks, eliminating build, compile, redeployment and container restarts. Sounds too good to be true? Wrong! This is something many other languages, particularly scripting languages like perl or PHP take for granted. And we want you to be as productive as possible because…

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XRebel 1.1.2 Released – Resin, WebSphere Liberty Profile and OrientDB support

JRebel 6 Released!

JRebel 6 – New agent, less redeploys

Everyone on the JRebel team at ZeroTurnaround is proud to announce the newest major release of JRebel. Grab it now or keep reading.

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