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XRebel 3.0: introducing microservices profiling

Great news everyone! Today we are announcing the release of XRebel 3.0!

3.0 is here and it is a great new milestone for XRebel. The new version features something very exciting: end-to-end transaction profiling. You can now profile distributed Java applications and microservices with XRebel Agents!

Download XRebel 3.0

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Get ready for the next wave of JRebel for Android features

We recently released JRebel for Android 1.0. The feedback from the community has been great and we are working hard on delivering even more value for all users. Today we are excited to reveal a few features that we have been tinkering with since the release.

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Announcing JRebel for Android 1.0 — Android Development Awakens!

Have you been naughty or really naughty this year?

Announcing Optimizer for IntelliJ IDEA – Tune Your IntelliJ for Ultimate Performance

Do you remember the Optimizer for Eclipse free tool we released earlier this year? Wow, that was really successful, and used by so many Eclipse users that it’s consistently a top 10 plugin! So, building on top of that success, we had to create a similar tool for IntelliJ IDEA! I am very excited to announce the release of Optimizer for IntelliJ IDEA. While IntelliJ IDEA isn’t as slow as Eclipse, there are certainly changes that can be made to the configuration which can improve the performance and tune the platform in general for a smoother overall usage.

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How do ZT Engineers keep up with the latest technologies and developments?

How do ZT Engineers keep up with the latest technologies and developments while also keeping their personal presentation skills so high?

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JRebel price for new customers raises to $475.

Starting today, we are raising price for JRebel license to $475 per developer seat per year. This is a 30% raise from the previous price of $365, which has been the price of our enterprise license since 2011. We are grandfathering all renewals in at the previous price until end of 2016, so if you are an existing customer and are renewing seats in the next 14 months, this will not affect you.
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ZeroTurnaround wins EY Estonian Entrepreneur of the Year Award

ZeroTurnaround’s founder Dr Jevgeni Kabanov (LinkedIn, Twitter) has been named Ernst and Young Estonian Entrepreneur of the Year 2015.

The award recognizes a person who stands for the successful development of a company, the story behind it and their attitude towards entrepreneurship in general as well as job creation and economic success. Over 1,500 entrepreneurs were reviewed for the award and after careful consideration 6 finalist remained. Jevgeni was announced the winner at Tallinn’s Kultuurikatel by the Prime Minister of Estonia, Taavi Rõivas.

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XRebel 2.3 release brings DynamoDB, Quartz, JMS, and more!

XRebel 2.3.0 is fresh out of the build machine and available for download right now. This new version comes with many added integrations for various technologies, including Amazon DynamoDB, Quartz, JMS MessageListener, and others.

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Under the hood of JRebel for Android

JRebel for Android enables live Android development by skipping the time consuming build and install steps each time you make a change. Early access for JRebel for Android has been available for nearly a month. Now is a good time to look under the hood and understand how JRebel for Android works it magic.

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