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No Time to Sit Back and Rest! Develop Your RESTful Web Services with Spring Boot and JRebel

In a previous blogpost, my colleague, friend and exceptionally talented thumb war player, Adam Koblentz, discussed how Spring can be super charged in a development environment to avoid unproductive developer tasks, eliminating build, compile, redeployment and container restarts. Sounds too good to be true? Wrong! This is something many other languages, particularly scripting languages like perl or PHP take for granted. And we want you to be as productive as possible because…

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XRebel 1.1.2 Released – Resin, WebSphere Liberty Profile and OrientDB support

JRebel 6 Released!

JRebel 6 – New agent, less redeploys

Everyone on the JRebel team at ZeroTurnaround is proud to announce the newest major release of JRebel. Grab it now or keep reading.

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ZeroTurnaround Announces the Release of JRebel 6

BOSTON – Nov. 4, 2014 ZeroTurnaround, the maker of revolutionary tools for developing quality software faster, today announced the availability of JRebel 6, the first major release of its flagship product to feature full integration of Javeleon technologies, acquired by ZeroTurnaround in March 2013.  Now Java developers can create higher-quality code even faster, and with less downtime, from the superclass functionality and superior infrastructure available in JRebel 6.

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How to better understand Vaadin framework sessions using XRebel

Vaadin allows you to easily build interactive web applications by working with a familiar server-side architecture. The rich component model is usually driven by session state that is preserved for each instance of a Vaadin application. Each user and browser window will create such a new instance, which can make the size of your server-side sessions grow very quickly if you refer to too much data from your UI or accidentally create a memory leak.

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XRebel 1.1.1 Released – WebSphere 8, TomEE, HBase and Cassandra integration improvements

XRebel and EclipseLink: Solving N+1 SELECTs problem with an interactive profiler

Although Hibernate is the most popular ORM implementation used in the Java world, EclipseLink is now the JPA reference implementation. It’s derived from Oracle TopLink ORM and has multiple differences from Hibernate, including claims to better performance. Therefore we decided to give it a whirl and try the same Spring Petclinic sample application with EclipseLink as the JPA provider.

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XRebel Case Study: Antea

Federico Russo and his team at Antea have discovered and learned many things about their code, frameworks, and infrastructure since they started using XRebel. One of the first things that Federico realized was how slow Apache Derby can be, even when run in-memory. XRebel’s SQL analytics were used to prove that Derby was taking much longer to run their queries than acceptable or expected. The team is actively looking to move to HSQLDB for their development needs with this new information. XRebel’s SQL view was also very useful in learning more about the complex queries being run and the data returned by them.

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Using Spring MVC with JRebel: Refactoring XML config files without restarting

Spring is one of the most popular Java web frameworks in existence, it provides amazing benefit in providing a reliable, tested framework for developing web applications in Java. Developers don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to well understood problems like serving content over HTTP and wiring up a model-view-controller (MVC) layout for their application.

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XRebel 1.1 Released – Support for MongoDB, Apache Cassandra, Neo4j, RESTful APIs and more

We are proud to announce that XRebel 1.1 is now available! Try it free for 14 days now or keep reading :-)

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