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Try JRebel 6 beta: Adding new instance fields without restarting

Hibernate, JPA, and XRebel Continued: Understanding Eager, Lazy and Join Fetch queries

In the previous article we’ve uncovered a typical Hibernate issue – as Hibernate hides a lot of relational database complexity from us, it is easy to accidentally pull too much data through too many queries from the database. We used XRebel to identify that issue in Spring Petclinic, but haven’t figured out how to fix it yet…

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Try JRebel 6 beta: Now without restarts when making hierarchy changes to superclasses

ICON Health & Fitness uses XRebel to uncover hidden exceptions endangering production app

ICON Health & Fitness frequently reviews tools to help their developers both be more productive and write better code. They chose to use XRebel to assist with the performance profiling of their applications, from the session to the database and to help them find exceptions and/or errors in their code. XRebel was designed to help developers fix issues like:

  • Session Issues: bloat and leaks
  • Database: Rogue SQL, track offending methods, inefficient queries, naive ORM configurations
  • Hidden exceptions

With these benefits in mind, ICON set off to see how XRebel could give them better insight into their apps, and how to discover and squash bugs in production while still writing code.

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Goodbye, LiveRebel!

Hi folks, Jevgeni here. I’m the founder and CEO of ZeroTurnaround.

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Try JRebel 6 beta: Now change implemented interfaces without any restarts


Hey folks, before we begin we’re happy announce that our JRebel 6 beta program continues at a great pace and we’re getting some excellent feedback from a lot of early adopters. Want to be one? Simply download the latest version of JRebel and then follow the instructions here for enabling JRebel 6 beta functionality (like changing Superclasses or implemented interfaces without restarting)!

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Hibernate ORM with XRebel: Revealing N+1 Select Issues with an Interactive Profiler

Hibernate is an amazing tool used by a majority of Java developers to hide the complexity of querying and modifying a relational database. However, the very complexity it hides can sometimes create issues that are hard to understand and fix. One of the biggest challenges that Hibernate users face is determining how much information and in which way will be queried from the database.

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Spring MVC and XRebel: Uncovering HttpSession Issues with an Interactive Profiler

Building web applications with Spring MVC often requires to store some user data – some examples are security credentials, profile information, temporary conversational objects and others. The natural way to do that in Spring MVC is by setting the HttpSession attributes either directly or through the session scope descriptors.

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JRebel 5.6.1 Released – Spring Beans, Jenkins, EJBs in JBoss and more

JRebel 5.6.1 is released and available for download! The new update comes with numerous improvements and bug fixes.

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LiveRebel 3.1 release focuses on performance, security & new rollout strategies

It’s an exciting time for the LiveRebel team–we released LiveRebel 3.1 a few days ago and so far nothing has broken! Kidding aside, releasing software is a difficult task, and that why we built LiveRebel: so that any size software shop could afford out-of-the-box continuous delivery with multi-platform deploys, release orchestration, zero downtime rollouts and automated rollbacks.

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