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Discover hidden HTTP redirects with XRebel

Have you observed how your web application can slow down due to extra HTTP requests? The HTTP client may execute multiple requests instead of just one request and you might not even notice! HTTP redirects are the cause of the extra requests. Also, it is not easy to spot those extra requests if you’re not specifically looking for them to appear. XRebel, the lightweight Java profiler can give you the insight needed to find extra requests, if any.

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Development in the Cloud…. Really!

cloud-quoteAlmost three years ago, ZeroTurnaround launched support for development in the cloud. We called the feature “remoting” because it allows the JRebel plug-in to be installed on a JVM that can be anywhere, including in the cloud.

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JRebel 6.1.1 Released!

XRebel UI Hack: View data that is relevant for your app’s performance analysis

Data that you don’t care about? We’ve got a fix for that!

The theme of this series of blog posts post has been showcasing how XRebel is giving users useful information, while keeping it simple. Here are the first two posts, in case you missed it:

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Announcing Optimizer for Eclipse – A Jetpack for Eclipse

Get Groovy with JRebel and Grails

Developing with Grails just got so much faster! Let’s start with a quick background on Grails, then write some code with JRebel. Grails is a really popular framework for rapidly writing applications on the JVM. With Grails, you can write quick prototypes all the way to production-quality apps quickly and with minimal boilerplate code thanks to Grails’s code generation capabilities and convention-over-configuration nature.

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JRebel 6.1 – Grails and WildFly!

Everyone on the JRebel team at ZeroTurnaround is proud to announce the newest release of JRebel. We’ve got something really exciting to announce, Grails is now supported!

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Being Functional with Java 8 Interfaces and JRebel

In this post, we’ll be expanding on an earlier post from the JRebel 6 beta period. My awesome colleague and Java Champion Anton Arhipov, wrote a blog post about adding and extracting interfaces without redeploying the application. That was awesome, but let’s take a look at some more advanced Interface Shenanigans ™. In this post we’ll not only add new interfaces to our application, but we’ll also dabble in Java 8 default methods and functional interfaces, all without stopping our application thanks to JRebel.

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Getting Hands-on with XRebel and Vaadin

Recently, I visited the Vaadin offices in Turku to co-present a webinar with Vaadin developer advocate Matti Tahvonen, just before hopping on the Vaadin Cruise from Turku to Jfokus. The latter was a lot of fun, involving presentations from Sven Ruppert, Henri Muurimaa, Holly Cummins and myself.

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Security advisory from ZeroTurnaround

Hi folks,

We have discovered that at the end of the last year our email database – comprising of first names, last names, job titles (almost never present) and email addresses – was copied from Salesforce by unknown attackers. If you registered your email address with us at any point, you should assume that these attackers now know your name and email and you should take the usual precautions.

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