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Interview with Typesafe: 4 answers about the past, present and future of Scala development

10 kickass tools developers love next jvm language

In our recent publication 10 Kick-Ass Technologies Modern Developers Love, we selected a group of tools that developers have proven to really enjoy (based on a heady mix of market data, community activity, anecdotal evidence, our own experiences and a general gut feeling). With Scala as the 1st choice of alternative JVM language to learn, we wanted to get a few more details from the coder perspective about Scala. So, we reached out to Typesafe and sat down with Adriaan Moors, Scala Tech Lead, and asked a few probing questions…

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Top 4 Java Web Frameworks Revealed: Real Life Usage Data of Spring MVC, Vaadin, GWT and JSF

Report page, brought for comparison

Back in May 2014, we launched what proved to be our most popular investigation into Java developers tools and technologies–The Java Tools and Technologies Landscape for 2014. Propelled by a rush of charitable feelings, precisely 2164 JVM developers responded to the survey–each response donated 0.50 USD to Child’s Play, a charity that gives sick children Playstations for passing their time in a hospital.

One of the most popular subjects that we regularly cover has to do with Java Web Frameworks–after all, it’s one of the most active and fragmented technology segments out there. One in 10 devs we talked to doesn’t use any frameworks at all, and one in five developers uses 40 or so frameworks that aren’t even in the top 8 most used out there. What the heck is going on here!

Here is what look at today:

* How many developers use multiple frameworks?
* Breakdowns for the top 4 frameworks compared to the average results (e.g. what % of Spring MVC users also use Vaadin?)

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A Java 8 Guide to Enterprise Big Data Cloud Scalability using DevOps & Continuous Delivery as a Service (EBDCSDOCDaaS)


Did you know that in 1981, Estonians decided that their daily lives were a bit too bereft of humor and thus decreed that the 1st day of all months in the year was to be a day of jokes, sarcasm and fun. This is a total fabrication brought on by too many coffees this morning, but if it was true then I’d be wishing you an August Fool’s Day right now!

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10 Kick-Ass Technologies Modern Developers Love

Introduction to the geek love fest

Have you ever heard the question: “How do you know if you’re in love?”

Well, forget that. We’d rather know “How do you know when a technology is going to change your life?”

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Why a fr*kload of Java developers want Gradle, IntelliJ, Scala and other technologies supported by professional organizations

Java tools and technologies landscape 2014 what technologies are developers interested in

Java developers, just like anyone else, want well-designed tools that are built–or at least maintained–by professional support organizations. The strongest examples of these companies exposed in this report are Gradleware (Gradle), JetBrains (IntelliJ IDEA), Typesafe (Scala), with additional evidence noted by the dominance of tools supported by CloudbeesGitHub and MongoDB.

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Java Tools and Technologies Landscape for 2014

Sneak Preview: The 14 Leading Java Tools & Technologies for 2014


At RebelLabs, we love statistics and hearing from engineers. For our annual survey on Java tools, technologies, productivity and methodology, we asked over 2000 developers about the tools they use and how they feel about them (each completed survey donated to charity).

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The Wise Developers’ Guide to Static Code Analysis featuring FindBugs, Checkstyle, PMD, Coverity and SonarQube

Chapter I: Welcome to static code analysis, that thing you aren’t doing

“The quality of your code is a weak spot in almost every software project you’ll ever touch. This is because ongoing development ensures that even the bits you were once proud of become, over time, first less elegant, then rough, and finally incomprehensible.”

Oleg Shelajev, Java Developer/Author

Read it later! (PDF download)

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ZeroTurnaround engineer nearly hospitalized by colleague’s unexpected technology usage

Screenshot 2014-03-31 12.25.29

Oleg Shelajev, a Java developer in Estonia, expressing his confusion discreetly, thereby avoiding an awkward social scene.

Estonian software engineer, Oleg Shelajev, was nearly hospitalized the other day after suffering shock followed by extended period of confusion and unhappiness as a result of unexpected technology usage by his colleague, software engineer Michael Rasmussen.

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Complete this 3-minute Java Tools & Technology survey and we’ll donate cash to charity

For this year’s Java Tools n’ Tech Survey, we were able to do something special this year: for every *completed* survey, we will donate 50 cents (USD) to Child’s Play, a charity that provides entertainment/games to children in hospitals! Sweet deal, right? :-D

The survey is about the JVM based technologies and tools that you use and enjoy. It only takes about 3 minutes–this was verified by other developers. You can find it here:

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