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Step-by-Step Tutorial: Setting up JRebel Remoting with IntelliJ IDEA and Tomcat

If you wandered how would you use the Remoting feature with IntelliJ IDEA, we have a brand new tutorial for you: Setting up JRebel Remoting with IntelliJ IDEA and Tomcat. The tutorial walks you through a simple application setup with JRebel Remoting, explaining the structure, configuration and trips & tricks of packaging the application for remote updates.

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JRebel 5.4.1 Released: Tomcat 8, Spring and updates to IDE plugins

JRebel 5.4.1 is released! This is a minor release, however, it includes some new interesting features. Here are the highlights:

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JRebel 5.4 Released – Updates for WebLogic, WebSphere, RESTEasy and more

JRebel 5.4 release comes with a few updates for the new versions of servers and frameworks. The integrations were update to support WebLogic 12.1.2 and WebSphere 8.5.5, including Liberty Profile. Also RESTEasy plugin now works with RESTEasy 3.x.

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JRebel Featurecast: How to configure JRebel for multi-module Maven projects

JRebel can be easily configured for virtually any project setup. Maven projects are very common and there is even a JRebel plugin for Maven that generates the rebel.xml configuration files automatically and places it into the correct locations. Here’s a short 2 minutes screencast on how to configure JRebel for a multi-module Maven project. Enjoy!

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JRebel 5.3.2 Released – Updates for Jersey, FreeMarker & ADF

JRebel is back from summer vacation and a minor update is available for your convenience!

The most notable are the updates of Jersey and FreeMarker plugins. Also ADF integration features some new capabilities – it now supports reloading view objects and task flow definitions. There is a number of other fixes and improvements listed in changelog.

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Be a BetaRebel – Join the JRebel 6.0 Beta Program!

We keep the JRebel team busy with more or less never-ending progress; now we’re working on a brand new version of JRebel and the beta release is imminent. Since it is a major release and there are a lot of new additions that we introduced to the product, we would like to invite volunteers to try out the new beta version on real-life Java projects. The first builds of the new version are expected to be available for download late August / early September.

Check out the JRebel 6.0 Beta program!

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Java 8 Revealed: Lambdas, Default Methods and Bulk Data Operations

20+ Page Tech Report on Java 8

Now, I’ve been writing about this in bits and pieces for a few months now, and wanted to pull it all together into a single publication. I’m talking about Java 8, the long-awaited release. And even though some delays have occurred along the way, many believe it’s going to be worth it because of three major additions to the language: Lambdas, default (or defender) methods, and bulk data operations.

In case you’re hearing about it for the first time, Project Lambda is the major theme in the upcoming Java 8 and probably the most awaited feature for Java developers. Lambdas, as a language feature, do not come alone: to get most out of lambdas, you’re gonna need interface improvements for the standard JDK libraries.

The main driver behind the new lambda feature et al is the hardware trend of going towards multi-core. Chip designers have nowhere to go but parallel, and software developers must find out a better way to utilize the features of the underlying hardware…

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Java 8 Explained: Applying Lambdas to Java Collections

As we saw in previous posts, Lambdas are the main theme of Java 8 and this is a very cool, and long-awaited, addition to Java platform. However, lambdas alone would have been worthless if we didn’t have any means for applying lambdas to collections. The problem of migrating the interfaces to be able to use lambdas in collections is solved with default methods which are also referred as defender methods. In this blog post we will take a dive into bulk data operations for Java collections.

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Java 8 explained: Default Methods

We continue to peek into new Java 8 features by looking into “default methods”. Those are closely related to lambdas, which could be the main theme of Java 8. In this article, we’ll take a look at what default methods are, what are the gotchas in using the default methods and how to apply the new feature in your daily life.

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JRebel 5.3 Released: Glassfish 4, JBoss 7, OpenWebBeans & Spring integration improvements

jrebel_logo RGB

Last week, JRebel 5.3 was released bringing a number of improvements and support for more frameworks.

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