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JRebel 5.1.2 released, Apache Camel now supported

Just before the New Year, we have an update for our JRebel users. Just released, JRebel 5.1.2 with a number of improvements is available for download.

To give you some brief highlights:

  • Apache Camel routes reloading
  • Improved support for EJBs on JBoss 7
  • Updated JRebel for Eclipse plugin
  • Updated JRebel for IntelliJ IDEA plugin
  • Updated JRebel for NetBeans plugin

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Winter is Coming: Warm Your Brain Cells With a Java Developer Puzzle

Holidays are very often great for hacking, besides other things like building medieval landscape puzzles in your kitchen. This is the time of year when there are less deadlines, less going on. If you don’t want to undertake a big project then we have something for you. A holiday puzzle. This time we’ve taken a step away from our historical puzzles and done this a little differently….

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Clever Attempt at Winter Holiday Greeting brought to you by ZeroTurnaround

Desarrollando en Java con JRebel

Instalando y usando JRebel en Eclipse IDE con Tomcat from Sergi Almar


Para aquellos que tengan poco tiempo, este post muestra las formas en que JRebel, el asesino de los redeploys en Java, ha impactado en el día a día de los programadores. Con JRebel, los desarrolladores pueden ver los cambios realizados en el código inmediatamente, ajustar el código con cambios incrementales, debugar, explorar y desplegar con facilidad (local y remotamente), y finalmente, pasar más tiempo aprendiendo y comunicándose con compañeros en vez de esperar a que el despliegue de la aplicación acabe.

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Simon Maple: After 1 Month at ZeroTurnaround

Mmm, rainbow cake in my face!

Wow, has it already been a month already? That’s gone fast!  So far I’ve visited the Prague and Boston offices with the Estonia (Tallinn and Tartu) trip planned for January.  The ZT team have been awesome to work with from engineering to marketing to sales, and it’s been great to see everything working from end to end. It’s one thing in small-medium companies that you’re exposed to a lot, as it’s the nature of the beast.

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JRebel Remoting to Push Changes to Your Toaster (in The Cloud)

In late November, we announced that JRebel Remoting will be available for SAP Netweaver Cloud. That little announcement marked a major milestone in our efforts during the last year: namely, that we have added support for JRebel Remoting to all the major app servers and all the major IDE’s.

Our next goal is making JRebel Remoting available in all kinds of cloud environments such as Amazon EC2 (it’s done, try it), SAP Netweaver Cloud (we’re in beta), Heroku (it actually works), Jelastic, CloudBees, CloudFoundry and OpenShift.

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ZeroTurnaround Gets in the Holiday Spirit with Month-Long ‘JRebelRocks’ Giveaway

ZeroTurnaround is kick-starting the holiday season with a new giveaway promotion for its JRebel technology. The promotion will last throughout the month of December and will give participants a shot at scoring a pair of Bose’s coveted noise canceling headphones or a free JRebel base license for one year.

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Automate App Deployments with LiveRebel – Now for Free

Software plays an increasing part in helping us get things done. We not only expect it to satisfy our rapidly changing needs, work 24/7 and perform well, but also evolve and improve in advance of our expectations. These days, the best software teams release products and features faster and more frequently, while striving to raise the bar on quality. But managing consumer demands with the increasing complexity in how software is released and delivered is not easy.

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ZeroTurnaround Expands CompSci Course Offering on “Java Fundamentals” to Tallinn University of Technology

The Tallinn University of Technology contains not only Java geeks, but also a parking lot made of water!

In mid-2012, ZeroTurnaround established a partnership in Estonia to offer a course called “Java Fundamentals” at Tartu University. With the current semester coming to a close, we’ve decided to take this a step further, expand and do the course at the Tallinn University of Technology. Based on the success and popularity of our Tartu course, it makes sense to expand this to Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, as well.

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ZeroTurnaround Hires Technical Evangelist for JRebel and LiveRebel

Simon Maple, newest Technical Evangelist, primary role will be working directly with the developer community, a key component in the company’s continued success. “Simon, who knows this group inside and out, is the perfect fit to bring our message to the developers through content and speaking opportunities” (Jevgeni Kabanov, CEO and Founder).

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